How to Make your own paycheck stub free

This article will show you how to make your own paycheck stub.

1) First off. You need to make a logo, for the company you want.
2) Second. To create calculations, use a spreadsheet type program. Examples you could use are Excel, or Open Office Calc, or even online google spreadsheet.

On the left hand side column, you will have your ITEMS column. Examples are your:

  • Hourly rate
  • How many hours
  • FICA tax
  • Unemployment tax
  • Withholding tax, etc

On the right-hand side, you will have your totals and deductions column.

Add the numbers on the right side and get the total.

Most spreadsheets will allow you to designate a percentage or some kind of math functions for each cell.

Clean it up, with some formatting, and typical bold and underline stuff, and voila, you have a paycheck stub.

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Have you ever wanted to make free printable payroll stubs. We have a video series and a readable series with 5 detailed steps on how to make your own Free Printable Payroll stubs.

If you just want us to make your Free Printable payroll stubs… well.  we’re going to have to charge a little bit for it.   We have a sweatshop, with thousands of little hands to feed, they painstakingly make your paystubs.. and we have to feed them somehow.

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