How To Video –

Usual Problems

The few big things that people get stuck on are as follows:

  1. Dates
    • Start date
    • End date
    • Pay date
  2. Multiple Stubs
    • When you add stubs the green bars get added
    • you must click on each bar to see the details
    • Edit each stub separately if you want
    • then click the RED button
  3. Social Security
    • it’s always XXX-XX-1234 as a basis
    • no, we don’t keep your data or want it.
  4. FYI this is not a professional accounting software
    • Yes, calculations are correct
    • Adding complex situations with overtime, dependants, Commissions, and tips will get tricky

We just uploaded a video that was supposed to be up in 2016, so, we are about 5 months late on showing you how to make a paycheck stub for 2016. Normally, we’d do one every year, but, there weren’t that many changes. Of course, that being said, we will make a lot of new changes this month, and upgrades and fixes. So, we should have another video up shortly. Check out what we have here, it might help you with some of the latest issues you may have.

If there is more or new features you’d like to see, please don’t hesitate to let us know via email.   We are always constantly improving the site, and the pay check stub product.


This is accounting stuff.. so.. it’s not easy..  We try to make it as easy as possible,  but, multiple months will trip up even the best people.   So,  don’t get frustrated when making your paycheck stubs,   be patient,  keep your info, and continue on trying.  We are confident you can make it.


We always want to make this site better, and the product easier to use. We always accept and welcome suggestions on how to make it better. Especially in the UI  (User Interface). We think many Accounting programs suffer from this. How to make these calculations easy to imagine and view. How to input it, so it’s not confusing. I’d love to talk to a person who used our service, and got confused,  and then figured it out. That person might give us some insight on how to structure the Input layout to make it less confusing.