Frequently Asked Questions

Paystubs through this website are fairly fast and simple, all you have to do is fill in your information, make sure to choose a state and choose your paystub style. We have a variety of paystub styles, for example if you only need W2’s or 1099’s we have those, we also have a Basic and a Modern Paystub format.

We have 3 pricing options. These include Single paystubs for $7.95, regular Paystubs at $14.90 and Unlimited paystubs for $29.99

If you only want to show proof of income in a single occasion, use Single Paystub but if you consistently have to compensate your employees and you have a handful of staff, then get Unlimited Paystubs!

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Yes, this is a free pay stub generator with watermarks on the preview. You can preview as many times as you like! The preview will be emailed to you on PDF format to check if using these check stub templates appeals to your sense of style.

But please purchase if you like the designs and if you already intend to use them in an official capacity.

Click here to look at our various paystub styles 

We have basic, modern, W2’s, 1099’s and an elegant Modern paystub template in case you want to design your paystubs to make your company look official and professional.


Sure! In fact, you can post tips easily as well as remittances using our paystub generator. Just remember to follow the minimum tip wage for the state you’re in.

Here are some tip wage rates you can use in case you want to start using your check stub generator:

State Name

Combined Minimum

Maximum Tips

Minimum Cash Wage





































New York City




North Carolina




North Dakota












Now these are just some of the states and the maximum tip wage and their minimum cash wages. Not all the states are in this list!

So when it’s time for you to create paystubs online, you may want to double check on what state you live in to clarify it.

You can create paystubs as often as you like! And we conform the the various salary intervals of US employees.

We have a yearly salary and yearly is unlikely if you’re hiring a contractual employee. You can use yearly if you’re going to use these pay stubs to form your own proof of income!

If you choose hourly, there are various periods for it including weekly, biweekly, monthly and bimonthly. But always make sure to choose your state! Because that affects all the other values in your paystub generator.

Watermarks will remove after you paid it.

To remove, follow the instructions below:

1. LOGIN to your account

2. Click MY STUBS

3. Click E-MAIL then select the DOWNLOAD button

4. Finally get the Stubwithout a Watermarks on it sent to your email address.

Click HERE to watch the following 8-minute video to see how to make paystub preview for free.

Click HERE to watch how to create consecutive check stubs, using our check stub generator. Try this yourself, and get a FREE instant PREVIEW. No downloads, Always Updated

The way to consecutive checks like you want is this.

    1. Fill in all the info – be sure to do these
      • Your STATE in the dropdown
      • Your EMAIL – so it downloads to where you want it to
      • 3 DATE fields — very very very important – DO IN ORDER
      • HIRE date – Jan 1, 2013
      • PAY date – When your pay period is over (last Friday let’s say)
      • PRINT date – Doesn’t matter – (saturday or following monday after Pay date)
    2. Select a GREEN tab for the style you like – Corp – Neat – Tstub etc
    3. Click the BLUE button that says “email/download

Now.. you have your latest pay stub – but – you want the one prior and the one prior to that as well…

  1. Click on the GREEN INFO tab
  2. Your data should all still be there – right? don’t change anything except the 2nd and 3rd date boxes – NOT THE1st
  3. Only change the PAY date back to the payperiod before (let’s say you get paid weekly, so, it would be the previous Friday)
  4. Now change the Print date a few days after THAT
  5. Go to the same GREEN tab as before – and click EMAIL / DOWNLOAD

Repeat this as many times as you like.

The YTD issue is common, it’s something We may need to redesign.. and am willing to hear your suggestions on how to make it more user-friendly. We have changed it a few times, but, there is still some confusion.

but, here is how you should do it until we do that. ?

Reset the browser, start fresh, click on the link we sent you

don’t worry about all the other stuff.. just put in your STATE, you EMAIL, and the three dates

These MUST be put IN ORDER… ok?

  1. Jan 1, 2013.. or something like that way back when you got hired
  2. Last Friday (or something like when you got paid last
  3. the following saturday or a few days after to get the check printed

Then, you should see “# of pay periods” filled in automatically

Depending on how often you get paid, it should be like 30, or 15, or 6

Reminder : Enter only correct information.