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Ohio is one of my favorite places in the USA because it hosts the City of Cleveland. Usually called "the mistake on the lake" and has the dubios history of being the only place where a river caught fire. Don't believe me? look it up, I think it's called the cayahoga river. back in the 70's they had so much trash and oil in it, that it caught fire. No joke. but, I digress, this is where we talk about Ohio pay stub, or the making of it. You'll notice that at the bottom, I've included a table which shows the tax brackets, and their percentages, if you want to create your own stub, or learn how to make your own pay stub in our series.

Don't forget to Add your federal taxes, and other deductions, and regular deductions.

Ohio state tax stays below 6% for the most part, which is pretty good actually.    Ohio pay stubs, or check stubs as some people call them include 9 tax brackets, and 2 separate types of filers.  Married and Single.   So, you have to look up which one you are, and find the appropriate amount.

Remember though, it's not just the one item that you need.   you need to read up on tax brackets, and realize, that you have to add each and ever step along the way, and tax each step differently, and then add them up.   It's quite complicated, but apparantley, it's the most fairest option.

Or, you can simply use our pay stub generator, shown above, for your Ohio pay stub.   Select how many consecutive pay stubs you want, and then simply buy it now.   We're the least expensive on the web, and we make the most authentic and accurate stubs.  with the most templates for you to choose.

Tax Bracket (Single) Marginal Tax Rate
$0+ 0.59%
$5,200+ 1.17%
$10,400+ 2.35%
$15,650+ 2.94%
$20,900+ 3.52%
$41,700+ 4.11%
$83,350+ 4.70%
$104,250+ 5.45%
$208,500+ 5.92%
Tax Bracket (Couple) Marginal Tax Rate
$0+ 0.59%
$5,100+ 1.17%
$10,200+ 2.35%
$15,350+ 2.94%
$20,450+ 3.52%
$40,850+ 4.11%
$81,650+ 4.70%
$102,100+ 5.45%
$204,200+ 5.92%
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