How can I make a paystub for free?

Check Stub Makers are Free but you can Buy them to remove Watermarks!

You can use our Free Paystub Generator to think about the templates you want to implement in paying your employees. While our free templates are customizable and you can check them out for free, you can make a purchase once you’ve already thought about the templates you want to use.

We made that video awhile back and as you can see the UI of our site may have changed. But certain things remain the same.

If you’re ready to choose a paystub, be mindful of these 3 things:

  1. Select your state.
  2. Choose your paystub style
  3. Email or download a preview to yourself!

Remember to choose what US state you’re in so the rest of the functions follow smoothly. Read below for a more detailed explanation.

Check out our free paystub generator templates

We have a number of checkstub templates which you can use and use those whose fields and formatting are common areas you normally fill in when working on your paystubs. What you want is a payroll that is consistent so being able to work properly on these aspects is absolutely paramount.

From the image on the left, we have different choices of check stub templates.

The Modern, basic, Neat and T-Stubs would depend on your situation and in what context you’re using your paystubs for. 

If you want to file personal earnings and income tax returns you can just use the Neat stub. 

The W-2 IRS and the 1099 forms, however conform to a very specific format which can allow you to transact with those documents. 

Again, make sure to select your state to enable the functions of the check stub. From there, you can proceed in choosing the paystub template that most aligns with your needs. 

Make sure to double check the info, and then you can send an email preview to yourself

Make paystubs and compute payroll and taxes

Staying on top of payroll and taxes is paramount. Looking at the gross pay and the net pay and the regular amount of remittances is vital. If your workers are commissions based, then all the more you will need to make monthly adjustments. Your paystub generator can help you perform most or all of these functions on the cloud so that you can operate with ease.

Generate paystubs and you can keep them for archiving. It’s a good idea to keep these paystubs and keep your amounts so that you are easily able to keep track of things when it is time to file such reports as income tax returns and other remittances. Using a paystub generator is most valuable when you’re trying to oversee these transactions.

Generate paystubs and print them for archiving

Check stub maker Free Paystub Generator helps you keep track of your employees

Using these free paystub generators helps you keep track of your employees. Use it for free and try it out all you want, for free! Just make a purchase when you’re ready to commit to certain templates without watermarks. It’s fast and easy and payroll has never been simpler.

Get your free paystub generator template now.