Paystub reviews Testimonials

We often get these emails when someone uses our stubs. After working hard, and then being able to buy or get what they need. You can’t get anything for free. You still have to work and make the money. Now, this just proves that you actually do that. There is no point in lying about how much you make because you still have to have the money. But, why pay an accountant or an accounting service to create these pay stubs for you? Especially when you yourself know how much you make. You know how much you pay in taxes. Just create it with our paystub generator. Like this customer did.. And you’ll be happy.

Yes, we do realize that this customer only said “Thanks”. Yes, we do wish he would be more descriptive, about how great my service is. Or how much of cool and funny guys we are. And that he would tell you to buy the paystubs. But, We are assuming he’s busy, and in fact, We are glad he took the time to respond.   Because as much as we love this site, We do realize this is just a one-minute little spec of an item that you need to get going in your day.

That’s why we are so surprised when people want to spend hours and hours to create a paystub, that is not perfect, and the numbers won’t even add up. it’s just 7$  and it’s done in a… please don’t waste your time..  buy ours, get it done in 45 seconds… and then continue on with your life, and take 4 minutes to write how cool this website is..