10 Ways to Make Payroll Fast and Easy

Your pay periods can be fast and easy if you find an efficient way to compute the salaries of your employees. You can use a free paystub generator online tool to help you with this. Creating your check stubs and paying your employees on time helps you motivate your employees into performing great.

As it happens, we have many pay stub templates you can choose.

In general, however, you must conduct business in a way where you’re already compliant with state and federal taxes and laws in order to have a smooth, running business.

Compliance isn’t optional. For every state there are different mandates from state and federal taxes to minimum wage and tip credits. 

Using a paystub generator will help you work faster but at the same time sticking with a template you like allows you to gain muscle memory. 

The more you encode your check stubs yourself, the easier it gets and with the ability to correct mistakes on the go, you’ll gain intuitive insights of the workflow your employees are having each time. 

You want to integrate your ability to make calculations with your same ability to dole out your check stubs on time and with little to no errors.

fingers holding bank notes - Check Stub Generators eliminate the need for manual transactions
Payroll manual so far? transact wireless and paperless by clicking on the image above and choosing a paystub template you like.

Register your Employer Identification Number (EIN)

The EIN is one of the most fundamental aspects of doing business and payroll. You can go the IRS website (https://www.irs.gov/businesses/small-businesses-self-employed/apply-for-an-employer-identification-number-ein-online) and get started, and if you want local state ID’s you’re going to have to enroll that physically by visiting the local state offices. Now the purpose of the EIN is for you to file income taxes, and this is very important if you are starting to grow your business to the point where you can employ one or a handful of people.

Ask your employees for their tax credentials

This part is very crucial. Your employees may need to secure certain forms such as the W-4 or the I-9. There are other forms on your local state so it depends on which locale you are operating. You must also make sure that your employee has the right documents in hand to make certain they are absolutely legit.

Ask them about their taxes and their finances

Asking them about their finances and whether they have any outstanding balances is important. Wage garnishes are required for employers to report so that certain amounts of their salary are remitted to the proper institutions in case they owe money. Making sure these payments are made makes for a faster payroll.

Update your payroll software

If there’s anything you need which makes you work faster, then seek some upgrades. You can update your payroll software in order to expedite the process and ensure that your employees are happy and you pay them on time. Using a good accounting and bookkeeping keeping which can help you, or choosing to outsource bookkeeping if it comes to that is ideal if you want to scale.

Use a free paystub generator tool online

Using a paystub generator can help you stay on top of taxes because you can make changes on the fly. It’s a whole lot easier if you have a systematic way creating paystubs because your employees can see how much they’re getting and they can request changes in a way that is paperless and efficient. You can also integrate your software with a check stub generator.

The best thing about a free paystub generator tool is your ability to customize it so you can use the paystub only for the remittances you need and you can choose what kinds of pay periods you have for your employees!

Here are some additional tips for using our free pay stubs. You can also use time keeping software if it helps you keep track of your employees’ progress to make sure none of them are slacking off or at least all of them are getting to work in the manner in which you prefer. These are just some of the ways you can take full advantage of a pay stub generator as well.

Print your fillable paystubs on PDF

You can print a sample first to see if using this paystub actually pays off and it’s formatting is just right for your needs. Using a fillable paystub generator is efficient when you know what you’re going for. And the more you keep using your check stubs, the better you’ll be at inputting the data later on.

Review your information on your paystubs

This is important, this means there’s lesser chances of you having to resend it again and again. But even with that you can easily make changes and adjustments because of how your online paystub is paperless and you can transact easily while working on the go. Use your online paystub to make sure their gross pay, net pay and wage garnishes are inputted properly.

Set your payment plans for pay periods

Are you going to dole out your salaries weekly? Or monthly? Or twice monthly? These are the arrangements you must come up with. A really good pay stub template will allow you to choose these options so you can organize them properly and make sure that you have a consistent way of inputting the information on the pay stub.

Keep your pay stubs from your paystub generator

As you use your paystub generator, you can keep your stubs. It’s important to keep them as records. Income taxes are paramount if you want to purchase a home or an apartment. The great thing about these check stub generators is that it can allow you to keep these records and you can easily track your transactions if you consistently use your check stubs and keep careful track of your employees.

Commissions or hourly

There are also the types of jobs which are commissions based and hourly. It’s important to know what the nature of their work so that you won’t be confused every time their payments vary. If they’ve hit the sales quota then their pay checks are higher, if not then their pay is lower. But learning how you want to set your payroll on pay periods is fundamental in order to have a smooth process with your paystubs.