Pay Check Stubs – How to stop your employees from slacking off

How would you know your employees are not slacking off when you get to encoding their check stub maker?

It’s important for you to get all the leverage you can get when you’re starting a small business. In fact, you yourself can handle some of the more menial tasks such as creating payroll and check stubs if your business is still in its startup phases.

Are your employees slacking off? Maybe they just need to get paid on time!

If your employees are slacking off, might it be because they lack a boost of morale? 

Or are they getting paid on time and are they getting paid right? Sometimes, simple grievances like these are going to be the root cause of poor employee performance 

Check stub maker templates can help you write pay stubs without having to worry about printing them and reprinting them. Make them online and make as much changes as you like.

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It is also important to make sure you check their progress and to make sure that you manage them well, without necessarily breathing down their necks

But how do you make sure none of them are slacking off?

Use time keeping software

You can use Time Doctor or other time monitoring tools to ensure they’re being monitored if they’re working from home. Or you can also use surveillance and CCTV’s if you want to check them from time to time if they’re working on your shop and you need to make sure that they’re doing your jobs right. You work hard in ensuring their online paystub gets to them on time, it’s only right they do their jobs sufficiently.

Tell them your quotas for that pay period

It’s good to set a pipeline for any pay period. A free paystub generator is surely going to allow you to remit to them their salaries on time. And just as you create your templates on time, make sure there is a given pipeline of activities to do on any given payroll period. Not having quotas is like writing them a blank payroll check.

Remind them to clock in and out even on the field

If they’re on the field or they need to render over time or under time tell them to clock in and out if that is the nature of your arrangements. Their net pay depends on hours worked but it must also conform to what you agree upon. Tell them to clock in and out on time so their pay checks will be accurate.

Use an online pay stub template

Using an online template means their pay instantaneously reflected. If your employees know they are going to get paid accurately, the likely this is to motivate them and they are likely to do their jobs right. Using a free pay check stub maker is advantageous then if you want a smooth workflow for your payroll.

Encode your paystubs regularly

It’s good to stick to a regular encoding of pay stubs. This way, you can tell when your employees are working, but also if they need to take some hours off or if they’re working in the field. If you’re aware of the workflow of your employees through your regular use of your pay stub generator, then that makes it easier to track them if they aren’t showing up for work.

Show them their paychecks for review

Showing it to them for review is crucial. This means you care about them enough that they have their input even on their payroll checks. If you use an online template, this is easy to facilitate and any errors can be corrected from the get go.

It’s all about a matter of tracking their time, setting quotas and making them feel like they are a part of the whole process. A pay check generator makes things easier. Payroll checks don’t need to be written on paper and it’s a whole lot easier if you give real time feedback on your paystubs.