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We are so proud of this product.    Our team of developers and graphics design people, have worked, and reworked the code to make it the best online.    But, that wasn't enough.    We then made our pay stub work better than the other guys, in simple ways, with dates, and customizable options.    Plus, we have instant previews, as you type, the preview changes.

That wasn't enough for us.   We are a big crowd sourcing company, and we wanted all your opinions, and suggestions.   So, we asked for everyone's opinon, and how they would change it.   Let me tell you, what they say about opinions is true, but, there were a few gems, that we didn't think of,  so, we updated it again..   and fixed little bugs in the software.     We did it again and again..   Until we have our product  of  yesterday..

Then....  we added another layer, with consecutive pay stub option.   That was not easy.  Trust me..  I've had many late night options, trying to count past 10, having to take my shoes off, doing the math, to make all that mess work.   Once the math was done, we again went to our customers, to ask how to make things easier and user friendly.

You'd thing that was enough, but, some of our customers wanted to try to make it on their own, so, we created the series of HOW TO MAKE a pay stub.    Not to mention, we've added the ability to watch the video's, instead of having to read it..  Cause lord knows how much I read already..  so, sitting and watching the pay stub Video is nice.

If there are any additions you would like to make, please let us know, and we will be happy to review, and even happier to implement them into our pay stub generator, to make the best product on the internet.

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