New paycheck Pay Stub template for 2013

We are proud to announce a new style paycheck pay stub template!

We have been working on with this from suggestions and requests of our many users. This paycheck pay stub template has updated features, like Garnishments, and a left and right layout. Which puts the Employee information on the left side, and then all the deductions on the right. It is small, compact and has an area for Direct Deposit.

You can find our new paycheck pay stub template for 2013 on the Green Tabs of the pay stub Generator. Like all our other templates, simply fill in your info on the INFO tab, and then preview our other paycheck pay stub templates. We have all kinds of pay stub templates from Basic to Advanced. Every style to fit what you are looking for. We also provide W-2 templates, and 1099’s for contractors.

The T-Stub pay stub will just add to our collection of pay stub templates, that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. As always, if you see something you’d like to add, just let us know. Although, we are getting a lot better in our design.

Some other updates we’ve done, is making the PDF much clearer and sharper, to make the result much better quality. Unlike the other guys who use images, we use true PDF generation software.

We are the premier website for paycheck paystubs, and we continuously update for tax code changes and accuracy. If you find an error, you will get it for free. Plus a big fat thank you, as we want our site to be the best, and least expensive.

See for yourself in the screenshot below

Instantly see your paystub results using paycheckstubonline paystub generator

Instantly see your paystub results using paycheckstubonline paystub generator