5 Ways How to Make a Pay Stub

Click on this image to make your own pay stubs!

Different parts of the country, people may look at slightly different things. A New York pay stub or New Jersey pay stubs to have different items than Florida pay stubs or Illinois pay stubs.
Here are 5 ways how to make pay stubs:
  1. Get an accounting software like Quicken

    If you can get access to this software, and you have some accounting skills, this program, for an additional fee, will allow you to have a module that prints paystubs. Quicken basic usually runs for about $50 and the addon is about 35$ last time I checked.

  2. Create one on Excel – $150

    If you already have Excel on your computer, or at work, you can just create a grid, and put all the numbers in there. One is easy, but, it gets a bit difficult if you do more because you have to calculate YTD information for all items. Based on how many times you get paid, and how many you need. Remember, that each pay stub is not the same. If you get paid every two weeks, your first may have your medical withdrawals while your second pay stub will have your 401k Retirement. It’s not as easy as it sounds on excel.

  3. Create one on Google Docs – $0.00 – Free Pay stub

    This is basically the same as above, but, no cost. If you’ve never used Google Docs, it’s quite impressive, and you need to get on the ball. They are competing directly with Microsoft, you don’t need a powerful computer, and all your data is saved in the cloud. This means you can access it anywhere there is an internet computer. Even on your phone, although that is not easy.

  4. Buy a Template

    Again, almost the same as 2 and 3 above, but, at least with the template, the layout looks good, and you will save your time without fudging with that stuff. You do want to look clean and all don’t you? Well, a pay stub template is a good way to start, but, you still run into the problem of right numbers.

  5. Create pay stubs through an online paystub maker.

    Creating a pay stub is not a skill you will ever need again.. it’s a one time thing, so don’t waste your time, and just use a service for it, get a good product, and move on.

That’s my view of 5 ways how to make a pay stub. There are others, and if you can suggest, put them in the comments, and I’ll review them if you like.