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We've created Pay Stub Info, To keep you informed of all the latest developments and fixes and new products that we have created. Do send us an email if you have any suggestions as well. We would like to hear from you and we always aim to cater your needs as best as possible.

Come visit our pay stub blog often for constant updates, or select one of the links below, especially our pay stub videos.

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We will use this paycheck stub blog page to demo new products. or tell you about things to watch out for when using the stubs.. Also,  it helps if we show you some other usages for stubs,  and how pay stubs show up in the news.   Seems there is always some one using a creative way to use them.

Or someone has used Pay Stubs in an inappropriate way,  causing them financial harm.   We try to avoid that by building the best product, and highly accurate.   We constantly improve and upgrade the product as well.   Yes,  it's a hassle, but, Pay stubs is what we do.   we have many products and many websites all doing the same thing.    We can guarantee and be 100% sure you will get the best product online.

Many try to copy us,  but, none have equaled us, as it's not their primary business.   We don't sell anything other than financial verification products, like proof of income, or paystubs,  or anything related to that.

Take a look at some of our samples on our page,  to see what you will get,  but with your name on it, your numbers and your details.    We are not messing around here.   This is the Best Paystub Online.

If you have a better one,  we will match it and make it better for free.   That's our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to you.

If you are in the United Kingdom, and need local Payslips  please use our sister site, which has all UK financial forms you may need


How To Video –

Posted by on Jun 1, 2017 in How to Make a Pay Stub | Comments Off on How To Video –


We just uploaded a video that was supposed to be up in 2016, so, we are about 5 months late on showing you how to make a paycheck stub for 2016. Normally, we'd do one every year, but, there wasn't that many changes. Of course, that being said, we will make a lot of new changes this month, and upgrades and fixes. So, we should have another video up shortly.   Check out what we have here..   it might help you with some of the latest issues you may have.   This how to Video is for  only.     We have other sites,  but, this is purely and instructional video for our users.


If there is more or new features you'd like to see, please don't hesitate to let us know via email.   We are always constantly improving the site, and the pay check stub product.




The few big things that people get stuck on are as follows:

  • Dates
    • Start date
    • End date
    • Pay date
  • Multiple Stubs
    • When you add stubs the green bars get added
    • you must click on each bar to see the details
    • Edit each stub seperately if you want
    • then click the RED button
  • Social Security
    • it's always XXX-XX-1234 as a basis
    • no, we don't keep your data, or want it.
  • FYI this is not a professional accounting software
    • Yes, calculations are correct
    • Yes they are authentic
    • Adding complex situations with overtime, dependants, Commissions, and tips will get tricky


This is accounting stuff.. so..  it's not easy..  We try to make it as easy as possible,  but, multiple months will trip up even the best people.   So,  don't get frustrated when making your paycheck stubs,   be patient,  keep you info, and continue on trying..  We are confident you can make it



We always want to make this site better, and the product easier to use.    We always accept and welcome suggestions on how to make it better.   Especially in the UI  (User Interface).     I think many Accounting programs suffer from this.   How to make these calculations easy to imagine and view.   How to input it, so it's not confusing.   I'd love to talk to a person who used our service, and got confused,  and then figured it out.   That person might give us some insight on how to structure the Input layout to make it less confusing.

Customer Support for your Paystubs

Posted by on May 27, 2017 in Pay Check Stubs | Comments Off on Customer Support for your Paystubs

paystub costumer support

We understand that the only way to stay alive, is to treat you well. That's why we take your paystub customer support very seriously.

We are a bunch of goofs normally, but, we straighten right up when it comes to Customer Support for your Paystubs. We do not advertise, so, we get all of our business from recommendations, and approvals.

If you have any problems with your Paystubs, we will fix it, or it's a full REFUND... no questions asked. Your repeat business is worth way more than $7 to us.

Plus, we will respond to you in less that 6hrs. Usually it's less than that, but, we do have to sleep sometime.

Feel confident you are dealing with a company that understands these values, and has standards to keep them in place.

If you have any suggestions or complaints, please contact us and we'll get back to you as fast as possible.

Forgot/Lost Your Gas Receipts?

Posted by on May 22, 2017 in Pay Check Stubs | Comments Off on Forgot/Lost Your Gas Receipts?

gas receiptAre you having a problem with Forgotten or lost your gas receipts? We feel you.

We were sitting around the coffee table, drinking beer, and discussing the fact that we had to get our taxes in order for returns. Of course our filing system is perfect, but sometimes, we do forget to keep some receipts. It's always the little purchases that gets forgotten or lost. One good example for it are Gas Receipts.

At a gas station, we've been known to drive off with the gas nozzle still in our tank, let alone get the damn gas receipts. Or, we are so hungry for some munchies, that we run in for some Mountain Dew and Skittles that we simply forget the damn gas receipt. Or we simply just don't get the receipt.

So, we thought of putting up a way for our customers to recreate them. After all, you know you drove, and therefore you used the gas. The receipt has to be there.

But the question is, how to do it? Where to do it? We might just have the solution for you!

With Pay Check Stub Online, we make that happen!

Senior Discount with Pay Stub

Posted by on May 21, 2017 in Pay Check Stubs, Paycheck Taxes Explained | Comments Off on Senior Discount with Pay Stub

Pay stubs can be used as proof of income for many reasons.   We like to demonstrate some of them here. A new program for 2016 tax year in Garvin County gives every senior discount with pay stub on their property taxes.

If you are 65 or older, you may qualify.   Here is the full article on the discount with pay stubs

Basically, you can get some of your Property Taxes reduced by providing Pay Stub showing a certain income. This is great assistance to those people who need the help on their finances like seniors do.

To explain in more detail,  this type of assistance works in the way that the people who qualify get to pay less in taxes. The money ultimately just stays in their pockets, instead of paying it, and then getting it back at a later time.

Reasons we created PayStub:

  • People sometimes loose their jobs, or loose their pay stubs, or the company they worked for has closed,  so they need to recreate it.
  • Small businesses and self employed people sometimes do not have accountants or accounting programs.   Nor the financial ability to purchase them in the first place. Think of a gardner or a dog walker. They don't make a lot of money, and may not have the accounting skill to take care of everything.

So, they just come to our site, and we can assist them, automatically, with their info.

To create authentic and accurate Pay stubs. There are many reasons to do that, those are just a few.   Here are some more reasons to create a pay stub

How long to keep a paycheck stub

Posted by on Sep 19, 2016 in Pay Check Stubs | Comments Off on How long to keep a paycheck stub

How long to keep a paycheck stub? Either for record keeping and for long term proof of employment.. Also for IRS reasons. Well, there are many reasons to keep your Paycheck stub, and also a good reason to destroy them.


So, here are a few items to keep in mind when dealing with the IRS.

  • The IRS expects you to keep your records for 7 years. After that, it's almost water under the bridge, but, remember, that's from the time you file, not when it was due. You can't play the game of delaying filing, for 7 years.. and then be free.. That's not a good idea.
  • The IRS has three years from your tax-filing date to audit, and has six years to challenge a claim. This is also has the restriction from what I said earlier. You need to do it from the time of filing. So, the IRS has plenty of time to review and get you for the money you owe.
  • You should keep credit card statements for 7 years providing there are business expenses in there.  This is a document proving you spent the money, you also need to prove who was there, and why it is imperative.
  • You need Paycheck stubs to prove you earned certain amounts, please, paycheck stubs for one year. Be sure to cross reference the paycheck stub to the W-2 form. We make those for you if you happen to forget your Paycheck stub, or if you've lost your paycheck stub. You can make them here
  • Another note,  You need to keep your bank statements and cancelled checks for one year.    The IRS will look at that.
  • Reciepts are always good for returns, but, it's also a good idea to keep them for insurance purposes in case of damage, or theft.  Your insurance company will ask you for those.
  • Speaking of How long to keep Reciepts and PayCheck Stubs,  believe it or not,  home improvement work should be kept indefinately
  • Of course,  important life documents should be kept forever, and in a safe place,  like birth certificates,  SSN,  Passport, Insurance policies, etc.   This kind of stuff could be done with a picture on your phone, and then uploaded to a free account
  • Then, finally..   if you will be getting rid of your docs..   Please be sure to shred, sepearate, and destroy then..  Nothing worse than allowing these items to fall into the wrong hands.

Hopefully this article explains how long to keep a paycheck stub.    I write this as a reminder, and also I provide some help with our following Solution.


  1. We have 2 solutions for you.  One is a link to a page which starts a series on how to create your own paycheck stubs.   It's quite detailed, as you man know, it's important to be detailed on PayCheck Stubs.    Here it is     If you read all 4 articles, you should be able to make it on your Excel Spreadsheet in about 4 hours.    What will take longer, is if you want to make changes, or if you want to make multiple stubs, spanning over a few pay periods. But, it's not impossible, and will show you what to do.
  2. If you want a quick option,  we have a way for you to simply put in the details you want, and then we will make it for you, 100% correct, 100% authentic.   and it's instant.   You can get a FREE Preview, and then an INSTANT download.  The link for that is here


10 Reasons to make PayStub

Posted by on Feb 14, 2016 in Pay Check Stubs, Paycheck Taxes Explained | Comments Off on 10 Reasons to make PayStub

We've been asked many times as to:

  • Why do you have a companies that make PayStub?

  • Who in their right mind wants them?

  • Who are your customers?

With all these questions, ultimately, they demand reasons to make PayStub.

To that, I say I can give you 10 reasons to make PayStub.

  1. You left a company a while ago on bad terms and they don't return your requests for proof of past employment.
  2. The company that you worked for went bankrupt and there is no one to contact, since there is no company.
  3. You don't want your friends to know how much you make, because they will ask you for $$.
  4. We've had numerous request for props in Movies and Educational material.
  5. You want to verify that your current job is taking the proper deductions so you want to compare.
  6. You lost or misplaced your current pay stub and you don't want to go into office to get a new one.
  7. You want to impress a potential girlfriend, so you leave a fat pay stub laying around the house to let her find it.
  8. Your parents bug you about getting a job, but, you don't really have one.
  9. Privacy, you don't want people knowing where you work, like location, type of business etc.
  10. Create your dream pay stub, and use it as motivation, and positive reinforcing energy by looking at it daily.

What paper to use for paycheck stub

Posted by on Dec 10, 2015 in How to Make a Pay Stub, Pay Check Stubs | Comments Off on What paper to use for paycheck stub

Customers have been asking me this question a few times-

"What paper to use for paycheck stub?"

Well, I have two answers: An easy quick answer. And I have a longer description answer if you want to know the detailed reasons.

So, the quick answer to What paper to use for paycheck stub is....   any blank white paper. Seriously. That's all you need, go ahead and print now. If you want to know why, continue reading.


we used to print on "Security Paper" and ship these to the customer. We might bring that service back if we get more requests for this, but we see less and less of this in the work environment. Employers are using Direct Deposit for the purposes of actual payment to their employees. And then they mail a receipt of payment to the employee, which we all refer to as PayStub. Most people don't need it usually, unless they want a loan or apartment, or show off to their girlfriends.  😉

This has lead to online access for most employers,  big companies, have their own, like Best Buy Paystubs, or NYC Metro paystubs, but, small companies, who don't build their own websites, use outside services, and create an account on a payroll website, that they give access to their employees on.

An example, let's say you work for ABC Trucking.    They may or may not have a website, but, the trucker is on the road, and doesn't come in to any "office". Trucker get paid if they are at home, or on the road,  so, it doesn't make sense to go into an office. They probably go to  something like   "" or something like it and there, they have to enter their Username and Password.  Then they can see their "payroll advice" which isn't advice, it's just info.

They can download their w2's  or they can get their total for the year, or they can print the last few paystubs, for their own reason, usually for proof of employment

This "trucker" in our example, will print this out at a Kinko's, or a Library, or their own home or home office.   Or, even if they go into the TRUCKING office, and they ask for their stubs, the secretary will print this out for them, on regular paper..


the security paper we use for paycheck stub is intended for security issues of copying from employees.  Since this website is designed for low volume users, I'm assuming that you don't have security issues with yourself or your employees. All security issues reside in the check is only for the purposes of verification. Security paper also had an actual check attached to it.  So, it needed to have a back where you could leave your name and signature. And where you can put an account number, so the clerk would know which account to deposit it in.

Since we are not making checks here, just Check Stubs, you would have a normal piece of paper. From home or a library, or an office, that you printed a computer generated file on.

I hope that makes sense.   It's truly simple, and easy.

How to make PayCheck Stub

Posted by on Aug 3, 2015 in How to Make a Pay Stub, Pay Check Stubs, Showing wealth series | Comments Off on How to make PayCheck Stub

PayCheck StubWell..  you might be wondering this, and first and I'll tell you, it's the same question as how to make PayCheck Stub here.

Some people spell it different than others, but, it's the same thing.   You or your employees need a paystub for some proof of income.     Usually, we find self employed people, or people that work in the restaurant / entertainment business need this product.   Because ironically, banks don't look at bank statements.   Maybe they don't trust themselves.   But, we're here to show you how to make a peycheck stub.

Our system is very simple.   You enter the information about you-  name, address, and information about your company.   Then, you put in your monthly wages,  or hourly wages, whatever you like, and then some deductions if you want.   If not, then we calculate your deductions of your peycheck stub automatically,  and show you the preview file,  that you can download and view.

In fact, I just created a new page to show you how to make a peycheck stub free.   The preview is free, and download is free,  and if you like it and buy it,  we give you a free Bank Statement.

Job Verification services

Posted by on Apr 12, 2015 in Proof Of Employment | Comments Off on Job Verification services

Having a job says a lot about a person, and they type of job says even more.

Meeting someone initially as a stranger, we tend to try and figure out what kind of person they are. We do this in many ways, including how they approach us, and how they hold themselves. Then, we ask them about themselves, and find out who they are. This is fine for an interpersonal relationship, but, in a job interview, or financial transaction, we need to verify and confirm what the person is saying is true.

This is why we provide Job Verification Services to our clients. As of course the entity that will be lending money, or giving access to a home, or anything of value, will want to confirm you will have the means to pay. Not to mention, have a job. We trust, and confirm, and we allow you to do this via our Job Verification Services.

Proof of empolyment

Job Verification

We provide this service for Companies and individuals. Companies need our services to answer the needs of their employees, without having to respond to every job verification request or proof of income. Imagine if a company has 50 employees, and 10 of them are applying for a car loan. But, they are shopping around for great rates, or specific cars, each person will go to 5 dealerships or bank researching what kind of financing and rates they can get. So this means there would be 50 communications from outside companies to the owner of this small company, or to the accounting office. Which would have to be followed up by emails, or fax’s. and verifications. That’s a lot of work.

Another reason for independent Job Verification Services is privacy. What if you make a lot of money, and you don’t want your coworkers knowing how much you make. Or you don’t want them to know you’re buying a nice car, or a second home. Or you don’t want them knowing where you live. If you have a person in accounting that is stalking you, or you don’t make enough, and you have to go to lower level housing, you still don’t want people knowing your off work business.

Speaking of privacy, what if you do a job that you don’t want people to know. All things need employees, but, unfortunately, society judges people wrongly. If you are a janitor, or you work at some burger joint , or if you are an Escort, or A stripper. You don’t want everyone to know your business, and use it against you.

Click here for Proof of income is similar to Job Verification but not the same. You should know what you are trying to do, and what would be expected of your documents. Proof of employment is also Job Verification, that is the same. Proof of Income is something we provide.

More reasons to have a pay stub

Posted by on Mar 21, 2015 in Pay Check Stubs, Proof Of Employment | Comments Off on More reasons to have a pay stub

Everyday, we see more reasons to have a pay stub.

As mentioned in our previous pay stub articles, in this economic system, everyone needs a Pay Stub to basically survive. Either as:

  • proof of income to get a car
  • to get an apartment
  • some form of credit

But, it seems there are many other reasons someone would need a proof of income.

Reasons for Pay Stub

many reasons for Proof of Income or Pay Stub

There have been many instances where people need proof of income for some form of assistance:

  1. Some perishes need either a utility bill or pay stub so they can get donations for helping them with an electric bill.
  2. Some parents need a proof of income to get residency status to get their kids in school near their home.
  3. If you work at home, or have a small business where you are the only employee, you need a paystub.


But, do you need to spend the time and money to create that stub? Especially if you are genuinely making the money, and you try and create one, just for proof, and then someone calls you out on it. There is a lot of explaining to do, why not just let us create the pay stub for you.

Another great example of where someone would need a pay stub, is when getting grants, like in Arenac County, in Michigan, which got $300,000 of grants to replace windows and other items for homes. You simply needed to have a proof of income. And if you work for a big company, that is not a problem, but, if you do odd jobs, or part time work, or do your own business, then it's quite difficult to get your own pay stub.

We agree, that it is silly to go by pay stubs, but as we continue to show, there is many more reasons to have a pay stub, it's the system we work in. If you are a capable person, who is obviously making a living, but, simply don't have the paystub, then use our service, be honest, and live a better life.

Making a detailed pay stub

Posted by on Jun 19, 2014 in How to Make a Pay Stub, Pay Check Stubs | Comments Off on Making a detailed pay stub

Attention to detail is key in many aspects of life. As they say, the "devil is in the details".

We all want things simple, I'm the first one in line, but, something deep inside tells us that the details are what matters. It's probably the reason BMW is the best in the car business, because the attention to Details the engineers have. It shows over and over again. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are making a detailed pay stub. Probably the best pay stub maker online.

We have been in this business for many years, and we have accountants on staff that are very meticulous.   Plus, we are constantly refining the product.   I cannot stress enough,  the details of a paystub are huge, if you want it to look as authentic as possible.

Authentic pay stubs are key for your goals.    There is no point in saving money creating or buying one, if it is not authentic.   This is something you will show with pride, and put your name behind it.    It must be detailed, and accurate and authentic for it to be useful, or, it's not useful what so ever.    We have the best of both worlds.   We have a great product, and we have a great price.    We've honed our service for so many years, that now, it's actually easy for us.   This way, we can pass the savings on to you, our customer.

After 1000's of paystubs, we make it easy.    The first few hundred were hard.   We went through pain staking work, and changes, and updates, and fixes.   You can do that too, but, you have to do it a few hundred times to get every last detail of your paystub perfect.

Or, you can just pay us a few bucks, and be done with in in a few minutes.

This is the real Paystub

Posted by on May 16, 2014 in How to Make a Pay Stub, Pay Check Stubs | Comments Off on This is the real Paystub

real paystub

It's not High Quality, it's THE REAL QUALITY.  This is the real Paystub.

This comes directly from an accounting office.  The real paper, the real software just catered to you.   It's not a fake, it's the real thing. Not a copy. It's your numbers, your name, your Paystub printed from a company that prints stubs.

If you want consecutive stubs,  like the past 4... we can do that too, and we'll give you a discount.   This is the real thing.

We're not going to gouge you on shipping.. you pay what it costs.   If you need it ASAP,  we can send you a PDF, if you need it ASAP plus a day with the real paper, we will ship it, you pay.  If you can wait a few days, it's even cheaper.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your paystub here!

How to make a paystub free

Posted by on May 12, 2014 in How to Make a Pay Stub, Pay Check Stubs | Comments Off on How to make a paystub free

I've been making paystubs for a long time.   Years in fact, when I was doing bookeeping services, then a few websites before, and now with paycheck stub online.    I've seen every state, and every possible error, over and over again.    I get countless email of people that are asking me for help, with their stubs, or their purchases from competitors.     I have changed my site, so that it can help you make your own paystubs.

Look below at ANOTHER paystub testimonial  ---   These are continuous thanks you's from our customers.   But, don't let this change you.   Keep reading, and see if you're not convinced that we're legit.

Best paystub site ever

Judge for yourself, we offer more than anyone

I've even started a 5 part series.    Which is taking me a long time to finish suprisingly.   I want to be as detailed as possible, which requires me to get down and dirty..  as it's not easy to create a good one.   A realistic paystub.    An authentic paystub.   Free from erros, and editing issues.    I see what people have created, and realize how bad they are doing, and how bad the math skills are..

Yes, I'm in business to make paystubs for you, which is why I dropped the price.   It used to be $50+  dollars for a paystub, now, it's only 7.99$    And you get a super refined product.   Why would you waste your time trying to DIY a paystub, when it's so cheap.    I'm not trying to sell you on my service, just don't understand.   I mean, I think you can make your own bread, and or cut down a tree to make your own wood, but, at the end of the day, it's just best to buy it.   yes, you should shop around, to get the most bang for your buck, but, it's probably best to go to a place with the best prices and largest selection.   Like the W all Mrt.

But, I do know people will still want to make their own, so, here goes.   Just to prove to you that I'm trying to help.  I've opened up my numbers and calculations to everyone, so you can see what you should do..  Thereby eliminating the complete issues of doing your own calculations.   I would still check them, but, now, you don't have to worry about step #2  in the How to make a paystub free series.

Ok, so, after that, and all my testimonials,  the FREE W-2, and the fact that you get FREE previews....

Do you think this site is a scam?   or THE BEST PAYSTUB SITE online?    You be the judge

Paystub reviews Testimonials

Posted by on May 4, 2014 in Pay Check Stubs, Testimonials, User Success Stories | Comments Off on Paystub reviews Testimonials

I hate to show off... but, these just keep coming in... of our paystub reviews testimonials

And I have had emails wondering if we are for real..  so, here is another proof in the pudding.

countless reviews of our product.

countless reviews of our product.

We often get these emails when someone uses our stubs. After working hard, and then being able to buy or get what they need. You can't get anything for free. You still have to work, and make the money. Now, this just proves that you actually do that. There is no point in lying about how much you make, because you still have to have the money. But, why pay an accountant or an accounting service to create these paystubs for you? Specially when you yourself know how much you make. You know how much you pay in taxes. Just create it with our paystub generator. Like this customer did.. And you'll be happy.

Yes, I do realize that this customer only said "Thanks".   Yes, I do wish he would be more descriptive, about how great my service is. Or how much of a cool and funny guy I am. And that he would tell you to buy the paystubs. But, I'm assuming he's busy, and in fact, I'm glad he took the time to respond.   Because as much as I love this site, I do realize this is just one minute little spec of an item that you need to get going in your day.

That's why I'm so surprised when people want to spend hours and hours to create a paystub, that is not perfect, and the numbers won't even add up.   it's just 7$  and it's done in a second.. so..  please don't waste your time..  buy mine, get it done in 45 seconds... and then continue on with your life, and take 4 minutes to write how cool this website is..


How to make a pay stub – Step 3 of 5 – Pay Stub Template

Posted by on Mar 29, 2014 in How to Make a Pay Stub, Pay Check Stubs | Comments Off on How to make a pay stub – Step 3 of 5 – Pay Stub Template

Creating a Pretty Pay Stub Template,

Welcome back to our "how to make a pay stub" series.    This is step 3. If you haven't watched or read the first 2, you may need that, to get some numbers, and some calculations. If you feel comfortable with those, then let's move on, and get some layout stuff going.

There is no defined way that a pay stub has to be shown.    There is no law, mandating anything in this respect.   Ultimately, your employer doesn't even have to give you one, they can simply give you a check, and be done with it.   But, they have realized it's best, so that they minimize questions from their employee, as to why the pay stub is so low.

"Where is all my money"....

Well, the answer, probably 20-40%  of it has gone to the government in some form or fashion.    Plus, there may be company loans, or Garnishments, or some sort of savings.   Maybe some Union dues,  or company parking..  blah blah blah.. That's why you need to have read the previous step number 2, getting the calculations straight.

But, I'm assuming you have all those numbers.   we're here just to make a pay stub template in this Article.

Here are two basic styles:

Neat Pay Stubs

Consecutive Neat Stub

  1. We call this our NEAT pay stub.

It's very basic, has been around forever, and lays out things pretty standard.    This is really the beginners pay stub.  You won't see this style in modern day business, or anyone doing business with a computer, or a company that makes any decent money or has an accounting office.   As everyone knows this style is something made from a begginer accounting software, like quickbooks. But,  big companies don't use quickbooks.   They use things like SAP,   or some proprietary software.   Which will generate custom paystubs...   Or, they just farm out payroll to big companies, Like ADP...

This brings in a more Corporate pay stub, or professional style.   Again, this depends on where you are working.  If it's just a coffee shop, the NEAT style is fine.

2.  The next pay stub, is called the MODERN style paycheck

it used to be the T-stub style, but, we've improved it.   and made it resemble something that would come from a big company.    Take a look at it below.

modern-300pxYou can see, How this looks more and more like a true paystub, even with the check at the bottom.   Now, it is true, the check at the bottom should be removed, but, you can always put the word VOID on it, and tell them that you have direct deposit, which is always a nice touch.     Either way, this is much more professional than before.

So, what you have to do, is to create this in one of 2 ways.

1)   Create an Excel Spreadsheet,   and combine the columns, that you need, and line items.

2)   Use Word, but the data in a table, and then draw in the boxes underneath.

Truly, the #1 option is the best way to go.   It's a little more time consuming in the begining, but, truly the best way in the long run.   So, we will really focus on that.   instead of just drawing it in.     #1 option will allow for reuse, especially if you have multiple stubs.    Again, don't forget the math in that respect

So, If you look closely at that picture, you can count at least 6 columns.   If you want to create a spacer between all of them, You could argue it's 12 columns, just 6 of them are thin.    And you could argue further, that on the right side, where the name and address is, there is even more.   but, I don't want to make this confusing, so, I'll just all it 12.

If you are looking at excel, and see 12 columns, you won't see what we see in the pic.   But, that's ok, cause it's easy to change.   Just place your mouse on the top bar, and move it left or right, to get the width you need.

YOur first column, is EARNINGs.    but, it's not at the top,   it's about 20 rows down.

On that row, next to earnings, put a label as RATE,   and then next to that HOURS, then THIS PERIOD  and then YEARLY

Those are the columns that you will put your numbers into.

Now, above that...  you still need your address, and info.    So, go ahead, and put those numbers in there

Under earnings, type in the description ,and type of earnings, like SALARY, or HOURLY, or OVERTIME,  or COMMISSION.. etc...  and fill in the appropriate numbers you want.

Here is where the math comes in,  you must put in your YEARLY numbers- the number multiplied by the PERIODS.    And that number is based on how many times you are paid...  weekly, bi weekly, etc...    That calculation you have to do..

If you are doing consecutive pay stubs, you need to calculate this very very carefully.

Below that is your DEDUCTIONS.    Which is the calculated number and a percentage of your gross.    Remember, 401K  rules for deducting money before taxes, but, others are after taxes.  that is a difference of NET and GROSS deductions.   There are many, so, I won't go into details, but, you can look that up yourself.   We'll show you how in the next step.

To make it look legit, make sure you add some NOTES, and info from the company, etc..   all to make it look legit

DATES:    This is probably the hardest one, because it is easy to screw up.    Your HIRE date, your start date, your pay date, and your PRINT date, are all different..   and need to make sense. So, it's not in the scope of this article to figure that out for you, but, think about the difference in Months, and Weekends,  Holidays, etc.

To give it a true flare, you can create some parts BOLDED, or underlined, similar to your pay stub.   and you need to look up how to do that.   with a true template, or a real pay stub in hand, so you can copy it.     You can play with that, to make it look legit, we've been tweaking our pay stub generator for about 2 years, with minute details to get it perfect,  authentic and professional pay stub

Is this pay stub site a scam?

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I've been asked this by many customers, and accused of it by a few as well.

"Is this pay stub site a scam?"

A new costumer may ask.

To this, I must say, of course NOT! First, it's a silly question. I mean, if it was a scam, and someone was scamming you, they wouldn't tell you that it was a scam.  That is just silly. But, I'm here to tell you, that it is not a scam, and I can prove it.

I have foto's of actual pay stubs. I give free Pay stub previews with your data on it, with the PREVIEW watermark on top of it. So, If I've gone to the trouble of making the pay stub, why would I hold up your request?  I want nothing more than you to be happy with the product, and come back to my site to use it again. Not to mention, if someone you know needs a pay stub, then I want you to recommend my site to them.  It's the best form of advertising. So, no, it's not a scam.

Then, I get this other accusation, which I truly am offended by.

"Where is my pay stub, this is a scam!!"

An old customer may say.

The only reason you may not get your pay stub, is something went wrong. Perhaps you forgot to put in your paystub, or you spelled it wrong. Or I was working on the site, while you hit submit, and it was down. Or the web server burped.   It doesn't matter why.   The fact that you don't have your product is not good, and I want to fix it ASAP.

If you paid, and didn't get a pay stub, please contact me, and let me know.  But, please do it politely, and don't accuse me of things, before we speak.  I truly want you to have  your product, and I will fix the problem, and make it good for you.   I haven't had many problems with this lately, but, i used to, when the website was new, a few years ago.   Now, I just get the ones that have errors.    It's not a finger pointing thing, it's just a problem that we have to fix, and I want it fixed.    It's very important to me.

This makes me think, what is the definition of a scam?  Because I'm too lazy to look it up in the dictionary, but, I'm sure it's along the lines of, making someone believe something that is not true, maybe that's the definition of a lie, but, a scam is more of the action of leading someone to think something, and then take action, when in fact, it wasn't true.    Well, I can tell you, this site, does not do that.   We show you the stub you will get, and when you pay, you will get that pay stub, without the watermark, it's that simple.   What you do with it, or why you need it, is completely up to you.

I hope you will enjoy the pay stubs from this website.    I want this site to be the best pay stub site on the web.   Your satisfaction and your input will help make it that.   Enjoy our stubs..

How to Make a Pay Stub For Free – Step 2-5

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Part 2 – How to make a pay stub - Detailed

Welcome to our series on how to make a pay stub for free, in 5 steps.   Fully detailed.   If you haven't read the first part of this series, here is a link to Step 1 of how to make a pay stub

We are at the part where we show you how to perform Calculations on the pay stub form.

First, you have to know how to use Excel. Basically, a spread sheet document is full of cells, that interact with each other, and the way the interact is with “forumlas”.   These formulas can be very easy, to very complicated.   For Pay stubs, it’s relatively easy.   In English, it’s basically “Cell 1, multiplied or added or divided by Cell 2, is equal to Cell 3.

It looks like this in mathematics terms:

CELL 1  +   CELL 2   =    CELL 3

An in Excel, it looks like this:

D6 = E6 * F6

Pay stub calculation example

Pay stub calculation example

The fact that it’s D   and it’s 6  doesn’t matter..   that’s just which cell I selected,  and they could have been anyone…

And the way you write it, is really simple, with the aid of Excel.   You just select the Cell with your mouse that you want the final number to be in, and then hit the ‘=’  key.  That tells Excel that you want to write an equation. Using your mouse, you can select any cell you want. I selected E6 then you select the ‘operator’   like PLUS or TIMES or DIVIDE. In my example I put the asterisk,  *  which means MULTIPLY.    And then, with your mouse, select the cell you want to multiply by, which is F6 in my example.

A good example would be, if you want to figure out how much you would make in one pay period, you would multiply your hours *  pay-rate.

Let’s say you put your pay rate of $10 in cell E6  and your hours as 40 in F6.    You would do exactly as I said above,  click the appropriate cells, and you would have a result in the first cell

pay stub calculation

40 hrs x $10 = $400

you have the basics of formula, you can do all the calculations.    There are a few..   and you’ll have to add the ones you need.   This is the primary:


DEDUCTIONS = STATE tax + FEDERAL tax + Medicare + SSN + Fica

FEDERAL tax = GROSS PAY * Your tax bracket

STATE tax = GROSS PAY * Your tax bracket


SSN = same

FICA = same


Any other options you want to subtract or add are additional, and it is out of the scope of this article.   If you want a more detailed option, you can use our pay stub maker and just add what you want, and our software will do all the appropriate calculations for you, in our professional pay stub templates.

Stay tuned for our next article, in how to make a pay stub for free series.


Pay Stub Coupons

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pay stub coupons

We are all out for a good deal. None of us like to pay retail, even though we know they markup the retail higher than valued and then "sale the item"  to the normal price. I still don't like to pay retail.   I know it's silly but, some people take it to an extreme.

We’re sure you’ve heard about extreme couponers.

The savvy shoppers who fill binders and storage cabinets to the brim with coupons to their favorite stores. Now with the help of a single app, you can be just as savvy without all the judgment.

RetailMeNot. An online coupon conglomerate that features discounts from 60,000 different stores and merchants.

Kiss coupon clipping goodbye with thousands of daily deals users can apply both online and in the store. Since you hate paying full price, you’ll love the ease of looking up great deals at your favorite stores on this app. Simply search for the store you’re visiting. Select which deal you want to use and show it to the cashier so they can scan the barcode and apply it to your purchase. If you already downloaded the app on your phone, it can pull up your current location and show you deals happening at surrounding stores.

Its large user base doesn’t hurt either – 10,000 merchants partner with the savings website every day to bring members exclusive deals they can’t find anywhere else, and that number should steadily grow as more users sign up for the free service.

Find out more about what deals you can use today at

If you just need a paystub, because you're self employed, or you lost your check stub. Or just want a new clean one. You can use our website to do just that.   We have the most templates, and options available

Protecting yourself and keeping a pay stub

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I always talk about Pay Stubs and Calculators, because I believe that we have the best product out there. But, I did come across something the other day that I use personally.

No, I'm not trying to make any money from it. You can use it or not. I just want to help you keeping a pay stub. If you want to use it, feel free, or use something like it. I just find myself, focusing on things like this pay check stub. And forget about the fact that I signed up for a magazine 2 addresses ago, and some dude is enjoying my issues of Maxim.

er where all those paycheEver get to the end of the month and wondcks went?

Recently I learned about BillGuard. It take control of your spending habits.

It is a personal finance platform that lets users track everything from where they eat out the most to what spending habits are costing them the most money. Even discover so-called “gray charges,” including forgotten subscription charges and hidden fees.

With the recent addition of two new features – Spending Analytics and Smart Savings – BillGuard is ready to help customers be more proactive in how they spend their money. The analytics feature allows users to track their spending over several months. Organizing each expense into a specific category so the user can identify where to cut back or where they can spend more.

The new Smart Savings tool is what really sets this app apart from the pack. Besides simply telling you where to cut back, the app will help you spend less money by notifying you of any coupons or discounts available for the items and services you are likely to buy next based on your purchase history and location. All this in an incredibly simple to use, highly secure interface.

Everyone could use an extra dollar or two after the holidays, and BillGuard is just the app to help.

With all that money you will be saving, you may be thinking about buying a car or new apartment. You're going to need a fat pay stub of your own, to earn and make one. I’d be happy to help you through the process. Drop me a line, and I look forward to hearing from you.

How to make a pay stub – Step 1 of 5

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 I have so many requests and questions about how to make a pay stub. So, instead of answering everyone seperately, and probably not fully, I'm going to make a definitive series on how to do it yourself.

So, here goes. I hope you like it, and feel free to comment to help show others how to make a pay stub.

In these series we will focus, in separate articles, on the following items

1) Collecting Data - % values, Deductions, State Tax code, Federal Tax code
2) Working with Excel - Equations, Calculations
3) Creating a pretty template - Layout, drawing, etc
4) Usage of online tools
5) printing

Overall, I'd say creating a basic pay stub is easy. The devil is in the details. You can make a lot of little errors, each of which can be fixed, over time. The problem is, that you will have only one chance to use it, and it better be right. We've been working on our templates for years, and we still have users pointing out minor spelling mistakes, or alignment of bars. Usually they are not very visible, but, for someone who knows that they're looking at, or someone who is looking to doubt you, they will find every wrong thing.

So, this is part one, and we will be looking at collecting data. Before you can make calculations, you need to know the deductions and payment amounts from the government, and the IRS, so you can know how much % to take out. You also need to know what the pay stub tax brackets are. I've written a few articles about tax brackets, but, I will provide you all these values on here.

You also need to know the federal taxes.  They are as follows- (from left t right)

Tax Bracket for:

             Single                                    Married               Head of Household     Marginal tax

$0+ $0+ $0+ 10%
$8,925+ $17,850+ $12,750+ 15%
$36,250+ $72,500+ $48,600+ 25%
$87,850+ $146,400+ $125,450+ 28%
$183,250+ $223,050+ $203,150+ 33%
$398,350+ $398,350+ $398,350+ 35%
$400,000+ $450,000+ $425,000+ 39.6%

You can use this table to figure out your Marginal tax rate that you pay the federal government.

Continuing on..  you now need to know your state tax values, and each bracket.   This would make this post about 50X  as large, so, I'll spare you that here, but, I've done one thing better.   I've created a separate page for every state, which shows a similar breakdown of your state.   If you just click on the CHECK STUBS menu, find your state, and scroll to the bottom of the page.   You'll see the values and tax brackets.    Click Here for an example of Georgia Pay Stub taxes, and you can see that it will help you greatly.   I've spent a lot of time creating these pages.

Next, you'll need to get the numbers for the standard deductions, like medicare,  Social Security, and the like.   This is summed up below:

Now we have most of the the external information.   the only thing that is left for your pay stub, is for you to make a decision on the other deductions that you will have.   This is completely based on what you think your company would deduct.   for example

  • Cell phone
  • Medical Insurance
  • Union Dues
  • Garnishments
  • Car allowance
  • Loss of License Insurance.

The list can go on and on.. and is very specific.   This is a level of complexity and Authenticity that you need to decide.

So, once you have all these numbers, you are ready for the next step on how to make a pay stub.  If you know Excel, this will be easy.   If you don't, well, this will be a good lesson in excel.

Illinois pay stub generator

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Illinois Pay Stubs or Paycheck stubs are quite simple actually. For such a corrupt state, I'm not sure why they make it so simple. In fact, most of the taxes, Federal and State should be so simple. Just a simple flat tax, that we all can live with. Taxes on our pay stub is a fact of life, don't even get me started on my rant about how unfair it is to tax people that are working, and reward people that are not via welfare. You can read my taxes article about that here.   But, I digress...  Back to Illinois pay stub Generator.

As you may have figured, there is a lot to making a paystub, especially if you need to make consecutive ones.   That is not easy.   Even in Illinios, with it's flat 5% tax.   Primarily, because you have to calculate your Federal Taxes and Medicare, SS,  and the rest of them..   Also, not to mention, if you work in Illinois, and want a realistic pay stub, you may have to change your hours of work... Not everybody works exactly 40 hrs in a week.. sometimes, you have overtime, sometimes you work less than 40 hours, like 38 hrs..  and that has to be calculated cumulatively.   There are all things that you need to figure in when you create your stubs..
Can you Make your own paystubs.. absolutely you can..  We show you how to make your own pay stubs here.   Or, we can do it for you in a matter of a few seconds for $7.   Our templates are perfect, and you can choose any of them to meet your needs,  you don't have to make any adjustments to your printer, you don't need to spend hours or days, to make something inferrior..  We have been making paystubs for years..   and we've refined and fixed and upgraded and refined over thousands of paystubs, with thousands of customers.   To give you the best product, for the lowest price.

Best paycheck stub generator

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The key to getting a good pay check stub is accuracy, and authenticity. There are many changes in the tax world, that need to constantly be updated. Plus, your paycheck is different than others at different companies.

That is why you need specialized, accurate and best paycheck stub generator. To make sure your pay check stub is accurate for you and your position.

Detailed items needed to make a paystub:

  1. Garnishments
  2. Medical
  3. 401k
  4. Commisions
  5. sick leave

Plus, different templates. If you work in a Coffee shop vs a technology company, the paystubs are going to be different.  You need the ability to make a choice as to what your paystub will look like.

Best Pay Stub Website Online

And that's where we come in! Check out our Pay stub Maker, and you can see how we can better server your need.

If there is something you don't see, and want us to add, we will gladly do it, to make the product better and better.

If you get stuck, and want to watch a quick 4 minute video on how to make a pay stub, click the link, or go to our How to tab.

We are here to help.. let us know.

Pennsylvania Pay stub Maker

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Pennsylvania is the home of Butler Aviation.   It was one of the first places I flew into, while working as a pilot.  I didn't need a Pennsylvania pay stub generator at the time, but, some of the people there now sure do.   It has become a little bit of a depressed area, with all the industry moving away, primarily the Steel industry.   Unfortunately, that has all gone to China and South America.

The nice thing about Pennsylvania, the state taxes are quite low, and not complicated.   I love when states do that.  just a flat tax, for everyone..  it makes it fair, unlike some of the other states, who increase the tax on people earning more.  It almost seems like they are being punished for working harder, or working smarter.   Also, in reverse, they are rewarding the poor, or the people that have made poor choices or the people that don't want to work as hard.

So, I applaud Pennsylvania for their fairness, and you can see that when you make your novelty pay stub maker, using our Pennsylvania Pay stub Maker.   As you know, I'm very proud of this product, it is only meant for novelty or replacement use for your records..  But, I work on it all day, to make sure it is bug free, very accurate, and easy to use.     Novelty Stubs or Replacement pay stubs are necessary to be accurate, legible, and usable.   We pride ourselves on all kinds of Pay stubs.

Proof of employment contract

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We are proud to announce a new partnership with a world class Proof of Employment company iVerifyMe. Which allows the 3rd party verification of your employment in 3 easy ways and options:

  1. you can verify or show proof of your employment with their website.

  2. with voice validations  or

  3. With a letter provided from your company letterhead, which will be on file.

It has been a long time coming. And our Proof of employment contract shows the details we had to go through to get our affiliation and trust levels up.

If you've never been asked for Proof of Employment or Verification of Employment, it is something that some lenders ask for. It is to make sure you have not been fired or departed. They know that once you buy the product or move in to the apartment, it is hard to reverse it. Or that if you have been debating about buying or pulling the trigger, you still have pay stubs, but no job. They still would be fooled into giving you the loan.  Well,    that's where they came up with Proof of employment letters.

Our Pay Stub Software is best of breed, and will provide you the results you need. But for the added security and peace of mind, we now have a company that will provide an 800 number service to back you up.

If you want to do Pay Stubs and Proof of Employment right..  And don't know how to do it,  or, y0u just want to make sure it's right..  This is the source.   For questions.. or concerns please let us know.   We pride ourselves in customer service, and if we don't have what you need, then well make it, or we'll just give you your money back.   We want good testimonials.  and good respect..

5 Ways How to Make a Pay Stub

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pay stub how to

how to make a pay stub

In life, there are times when someone asks us to prove our income.  Either to rent an apartment or to buy a car or to get a loan.   This is fair and expected.    The lender, if they believe you want to pay the loan back, must also verify that you have the ability to pay back.   The ability to pay back is verified that you have a a steady job, that you will most likely not get fired from.

This is where the pay stub comes into play.   Your pay stub shows that you have an hourly salary, your deductions, your taxes, maybe your position in the company and other items that are interesting to the lender.    Different parts of the country, people may look at slightly different things.   A New york pay stub or New Jersey pay stubs have different items than Florida pay stubs or Illinois pay stubs.   Knowing what your state requires is important to make an authentic pay stub.

Here are 5 ways how to make a pay stub:

1)   Get an accounting software like Quicken

If you can get access to this software, and you have some accounting skills, this program, for an additional fee, will allow you to have a module that prints paystubs.   Quicken basic usually runs for about $50  and the addon is about 35$  last time I checked.

2)   Create one on Excel - $150

If you already have Excel on your computer, or at work, you can just create a grid, and put all the numbers in there.   One is easy, but, it gets a bit difficult if you do more, because you have to calculate YTD information for all items.   Based on how many times you get paid, and how many you need.    Rememember, that each pay stub is not the same.   If you get paid every two weeks, your first may have your medical withdrawls while your second pay stub will have your 401k Retirement.    It's not as easy as it sounds on excel

3)   Create one on Google Docs - $0.00 - Free Pay stub

This is basically the same as above, but, no cost.  If you've never used Google docs, it's quite impressive, and you need to get on the ball.   They are competing directly with Microsoft, you don't need a powerful computer, and all your data is saved in the cloud.  This means you can access it anywhere there is an internet computer.  Even on your phone, although that is not easy.

4)   Buy a Template

Again, almost the same as 2 and 3 above, but, at least with the template, the layout looks good, and you will save your time without fudging with that stuff.   You do want to look professional and all don't you?   Well, a pay stub template is a good way to start, but, you still run into the problem of accurate numbers.

5)   Buy an online pay stub maker

I have to self promote, but, my site is so cheap and fast and accurate and authentic.   I've spent years working on this software to make it better, ironing out every little detail that comes up.  What I do is not impossible for you, but, how much time are you willing to invest.  for a few dollars, you can be finished in 2 minutes.   Then, you can go on with your life.   Creating a pay stub is not a skill you will ever need again.. it's a one time thing, so don't waste your time, and just use a service for it, get a good product, and move on

That's my view of 5 ways how to make a pay stub.  There are others, and if you can suggest, put them in the comments, and I'll review them if you like.


New paycheck Pay Stub template for 2013

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We are proud to announce a new professional style paycheck pay stub template!

We have been working on with this from suggestions and requests of our many users.  This paycheck pay stub template has updated features, like Garnishments, and a left and right layout.   Which puts the Employee information on the left side, and then all the deductions on the right.   It is small, compact and has an area for Direct Deposit.

You can find our new paycheck pay stub template for 2013 on the Green Tabs of the pay stub Generator.   Like all our other templates, simply fill in your info on the INFO tab, and then preview our other paycheck pay stub templates.   We have all kinds of pay stub templates from Basic to Advanced.   Every style to fit what you are looking for.  We also provide W-2 templates, and 1099's for contractors

The T-Stub pay stub will just add to our collection of pay stub templates, that I'm sure you'll enjoy.  As always, if you see something you'd like to add, just let us know.  Although, we are getting a lot better in our design.

Some other updates we've done, is making the PDF much clearer and sharper, to make the result much better quality.   Unlike the other guys who use images, we use true PDF generation software.

We are the premier website for paycheck paystubs, and we continuously update for tax code changes, and accuracy.   If you find an error, you will get it for free.  Plus a big fat thank you, as we want our site to be the best, and least expensive.

See for yourself in the screen shot below

T-style paystub

Instantly see your paystub results using paycheckstubonline paystub generator

Making a paystub-Help

Posted by on Jun 26, 2013 in How to Make a Pay Stub, Pay Check Stubs | Comments Off on Making a paystub-Help

making paystubAre you stucked with making paystub?

  • Don't know what information needed to make a paystub?
  • Things that causes problems while making it that you have to watchout?

We're here to help! Watch this short video and make your own paystub. Easy and hassle-free!

New Paystub Template

Posted by on Jun 26, 2013 in Featured, Pay Check Stubs | Comments Off on New Paystub Template

We are proud to introduce our New Paystub Template.

It is designed with a left and right layout style, with your personal information on the left, and the details on the right for easier viewing, and a more professional paystub template look.

We have various paystub templates, all filled in with your information for you to choose.  Customized with your location, state taxes, and other typical paystub deductions

new paystub template

Instantly see your paystub results using paycheckstubonline paystub generator

We are always adding new styles and improving the quality of our paystubs..  Feel free to contact us or try it in our Free paystub preview.   You can view your Paystub in our Free Preview template.   Check it out.  Let us know if you want any improvments

Create old PayStubs and proof of employment

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With our online Document Maker, you can make your Old PayStubs, proof of employment, W2 and 1099-MISC IRS Tax form instantly.

We've all needed some of these documents at one time..  I know I've stored about 95% of my documents, and realized i only needed the 5% that I didn't retain.

You can Make Your own Copy Fast With Our  Online Payroll Paystub generator

It prints Custom IRS Tax Forms dynamically, right before your eyes.  you can preview all documents, make changes before you buy.

Easily create proof of employment or proof of income, or verification of employment which you will need for a variety of things.   This is not meant to be used as a toy..  it's a powerful software refined over the years.   We used to have downloadable software, but, now we are fully virtual, update and online.

You can also generate old w2 forms, old 1099 forms, old paycheck stubs, past w2 form, past 1099 form, past paystub, copy w2, copy 1099 and all IRS forms you need in a few seconds.   As long as it takes you to type your name and you address.   That's when you'll get what you need for documents with our Document Generator

Who needs Proof of Income or Employment

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Are you one of those who needs proof of income or employment in dealing with a bank or a landlord maybe? But the problem is, you are self employed. Ergo, no proof of income or employment.

Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Contractors all have a few things in common.   They all have ambition, are hard working, deal with WAY more complicated problems than regular employees, and they are what made this country great in the first place.   Unfortunately, they have another thing in common, they all have to prove Proof Of Income almost all the time, when dealing with large companies, landlords, or banks.     You would think that the fact they have money in the bank, and many tools of their trade as collateral, or the fact that they've paid their bills in the past as enough.   But, no, you need that small piece of paper, which has to be accurate, to show to some clerk at an institution.

That is just one more headache that these good American have to deal with on a daily basis.  Paystubs are meant for employees, not Business owners.   Especially if you are self employed.  What person in their right mind, is going to send themselves a Paycheck paystub, when they already have the money.  It seems silly and time wasting.

I had the same problem when I was developing websites.   I worked from home, and met with clients at startbucks.   When I completed something, they gave me a check, and I cashed it, and then spent it.    No paystub.   No paycheck.   But, I did need proof of income.   So, that's why I developed this software.   It's online, it's instantaneous, You can download a free preview, you can choose from many templates, it's accurate, and I can help.

I am constantly adding templates, making it more accurate, and easier to use.   I love feedback about my Paystub generator, because I want it to constantly be the latest and greatest technology.   This is a hobby for me, but, I do use it for myself too.    I add up what I made, but it in the Paystub generator and print it out.   It helps me keep a constant record.

Hopefully, you will use it, enjoy it, and tell me how to make it better.


North Carolina Paycheck paystub calculator

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paycheck calculatorOur North Carolina Paycheck Paystub calculator shows you that it's quite simple to figure out the taxes.

North Carolina, one of my favorite states. My mom and sister live in Raleigh/Durham. I'm quite a fan of the people there actually. The taxes are a little high. Sometimes, driving around that part of North Carolina, I wonder where the tax dollars go.

Basically it's just figure 7%. If you make more than 100k on your North carolina paycheck paystub, then you'll spend a little more on taxes, but, only .75 of a percent. that's .0075. Not very much..

If you make less that 21,500$ on your North Carolina paycheck paystub, you'll be charged only a little less, about 6%, or .06 times your taxable amount.

Don't forget, you can lower your taxable amount by certain things on your paycheck paystub. Like 401k, or union dues. Or, even a health care spending account.

Be sure to check out our North Carolina Paycheck paystub calculator. It will do all the calculations for you. All you have to do is choose the design, and print it out. If you're happy, pay us 7$, and we'll send you a non-watermark version of it. Ready for use.

Tax Brackets and your Paystub explained – Paystub Maker

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A brief breakdown of your paystub and the federal witholding tax.   It is really quite simple.   What confuses people when they compare the table given below, and their pay check is that people automatically think that it is a percentage of their whole income.   This is not the case, your tax brackets on your paystub are progressive.   Which means, you get taxed on different levels differently.    The first level is taxed at one level and then the next at a different level, until you reach your final level.

So, for example, 2 people make 34,000 and 36,000 respectively.    If you look at the table, you'll incorrectly see that Person A will be taxed at 15%  and person B  will be taxed at 25%..   that is NOT CORRECT, and your Paystub will show it, or at least it should.

The correct way to be taxed is much more fair.   According to the table, both people will be taxed at 15%  up to the 35,350  level, then, person B will have only the remaining $650 at 25%.    This prevents people from working a few hours less a year, just to be below certain tax bracket.

Tax Brackets for Income Earned in 2012

Tax rate Single filers Married filing jointly or qualifying widow/widower Married filing separately Head of household
10% Up to $8,700 Up to $17,400 Up to $8,700 Up to $12,400
15% $8,701 – $35,350 $17,401 – $70,700 $8,701- $35,350 $12,401 – $47,350
25% $35,351 – $85,650 $70,701 – $142,700 $35,351 – $71,350 $47,351 – $122,300
28% $85,651 – $178,650 $142,701 – $217,450 $71,351 – $108,725 $122,301 – $198,050
33% $178,651 – $388,350 $217,451 – $388,350 $108,726 – $194,175 $198,051 – $388,350
35% $388,351 or more $388,351 or more $194,176 or more $388,351 or more

If you think about it, doing it the incorrect way, the person making less, would actually earn more overall because they're being taxed at 10% less on their money than person B..    And there would be plenty of lawyers protecting your Paycheck paystub ready to go to court at a moments notice.

If you want to see this in action, check out our dynamic Paystub calculator to help you understand this in better detail

Show Proof of Income

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Well, here I am, using my own service.   So, I make a small income from this website.  When someone needs a check, they pay me, and then I deposit in my bank.  After paying my bank a little something something of course.  The fat cats can't stay fat without us slaves.   But, I digress.

So, I pay my bills from the bank account, and a debit card.    I have direct withdraw from my bank to pay my living accommodations.   So, I now went to apply for some local health insurance that I am entitled to, based on my problems and my living situation.   Fully legal and legit.  I am a taxpayer.  So, no problems.

Guess what was the first thing they ask me?

Sir, for this application, you need to show proof of income.  So, I said ok, I have bank accounts, and paypal statements.  The answer to the girl behind the computer was,

sir, that is not a proof of income.   To show proof of income, you need to have paychecks made out to you, or your bank with you account number

Even though I was right, and the bank statement shows that i have income, they want to see a paycheck stub. With all the little details. And, they need to see the past 2-3 stubs. And they better be in order.

So, I am updating my website. Because of these ding dongs, to help people like you and me out.

You will not be able to select how many weeks or pay periods you want, and it will allow you to have 3 paychecks in order. I know, it's ridiculous, but, the dumb-ing down of our society, we have to figure out how to survive. I hope you like the product, and let me know if there is anything i can do to make it better.

To make your own paycheck stubs, follow me, or click on the menu.

Federal Tax Witholdings from your paycheck explained

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There are 3 main witholdings that pertain to the federal government only. There are others, but, we are only describing the three main ones that every paycheck will have.

1) Social Security = 6.2% of the first $110,100 in 2012
2) Medicare = 1.45% of the total
3) Federal tax = Refer to tables below (single, or dual)

Income                   Pay                    + % of                      Amount Over

< $2,100                 $0                        0%                             $0.00
< $10,600           $0.00                    10%                            $2,100

< $36,600       $850.00                   15%                           $10,600

< $85,700      $4,750.00                 25%                          $36,600

<$176,500     $17,025.00                28%                           $79,725

$381,250       $110,016.50               35%                          $381,250


If you are filing as a married couple, or not head of household, it would be different.  The details are actually quite complex for Tax witholdings.  That is why we have created the Paycheck stub generator, or the paystub generator.

It does two things.   One, is it calculates the federal withholding amount, and then it calculates the state witholding amount.  then, it adds anything else you want, like Union dues, or 401k, or Medical insurance.

And fortunately, it figures out the numbers for you, accurately and instantly.   So your paycheck stub will reflect a correct amount.

Follow the links on our site for the type of paycheck you want, and follow the prompts.   Preview it for free, and then buy a copy if you like

California State Taxes description

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The great state of California, taxing everyone who works to pay for all the social programs of all the people that don't. What a great system. Hope it never goes bankrupt.

The following is California State tax description

For single and married filing separately taxpayers:
-- 1 percent on the first $7,168 of taxable income
-- 2 percent on taxable income between $7,169 and $16,994
-- 4 percent on taxable income between $16,995 and $26,821
-- 6 percent on taxable income between $26,822 and $37,233
-- 8 percent on taxable income between $37,234 and $47,055
-- 9.3 percent on taxable income of $47,056 and above.

A 1 percent surcharge, the Mental Health Services Tax, is collected on taxable incomes of $1 million or more, making California's highest marginal rate 10.3 percent.

For married persons filing joint returns and heads of households, the rates remain the same but the income brackets are doubled.

That's just The state, you also have to include all the federal, Fico, fica, etc.. To see what your paycheck and PayStub would look like, just click to see your paycheck stub online and select California state in the description.

Verify paycheck is correct online

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Do not think that your employer is doing everything correct. The person they hire can make mistakes in your paycheck and cost you a lot of money. It is not simply multiplying your hours and your pay rate. There is also the deductions from your paycheck that sometimes are more than they should be. Just follow the link at the bottom of the screen, select your state, and fill in your information to verify your paycheck is correct amount.

If there is an error, and you analyzed it correctly, click on the printout and bring it to your employer. Tell them that it is their error, and they have to repay you your time and your money with interest. Please contact us, and we can give you a report and a bill you can submit to them.

Click here to verify your paycheck is correct.

We create paycheck stubs to help self employed people to have proof of income.  So, it is important for our numbers to be accurate.  Some empoloyers don't find it as important as we do, and it shows.   We have saved other users hundreds of dollars.  And,  some added payments due to loss of interest.   These calculations are very detailed, and tedious.  submit your request to verify it's all correct.



Pay Stub – Review

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I love looking at my pay stub, it feels like work accomplished, and the knowledge that there is a paycheck attached to it, that I will bring to my bank, and refill the coffers.   Although I am a bit peeved at some of those damn deductions.  Who is Fica?  I don't use Medicare.  Union dues?   Federal tax, State tax.   it's non stop.

Not to mention, what are tax brakets?

It is a bit confusing, and maybe we need to do a run through of all the things that it could be.  But, for now, you can just view our PayCheck Stub Maker to see what you would make in various situations.  Plus, you can print out a copy for yourself.

Check out our Paycheckstub maker for free.

What are tax brackets

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Tax brackets

are created in some states, to help out some people that don't make as much as others.   There is a base amount that every human being needs to live, pay for shelter, food, necessities. And then, gradually it gets less and less important.  Very wealthy people have a lot of luxuries, that they think they can't live without. But, we all know, they can.  A gold plated toilet on a private jet could easily be replaced with a coach seat on a major airline.

So, tax brackets were developed to take away more, as you made more.  They are an attempt to be gradual, but, they are not.  There are various tax brackets in the USA, but an example of one would be the following:

  • if you make <  $20,000  Your tax would be 5%

  • if you make > $20,001  and < less than $60,000 Your tax would be 7%

  • if you make > %60,000 you then would be taxed at 9%

With that in mind, it sometimes shows that if you make less, you actually get more.

Take for example two employees.  One comes in an extra hour on saturday to do some work.  They get paid 10$ per hour, so one makes $59,995 and the other makes $60,005 in that year.    They are only 10$  apart from each other, but, in a different Tax Brackets

First employee will take home      59,995 - (59,995 x .07)  =  $55,795

Second employee will take home 60,005 - (60,005 x .09) = $54,604

So, it makes sense for Second employee to work less, he will make more.   Basically, the government is punishing the employee for working harder than others.

Truck drivers Gas Receipt Maker helps to recover expenses

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I'm assuming that you guys have lost or forgotten to get your receipts at times, for gas that you actually purchased.  I've done that myself way too many times, and it's really hurt my pocket book, because I have the right to write that expense off.    So, I've created a way to recover those receipts, just check out my Gas Receipt Maker.

Click on the Gas Receipt Maker or just go to the main page Menu, or, type this in

These are novelty or backup receipts, and are not intended for any form of Forgery, because we do try and make a very realistic product.  Use your discretion with these high quality  Gas Receipts


5 documents you need to remake and why

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My Documents Remake List:

In life, we loose things, or damage things,  so we replace those things..   Like Clothes, or Phones.. or Cars.   But, what about documents?    or you don't want to carry the original so you want to have a copy.      We provide this service at, and here is our list of 5 documents you need to remake and why:

Gas Receipt

1)   Proof of what you did, but, lost the paper. - Gas Receipt Generator - You need this for tax purposes.  You obviously use the gas.   You drive your car.   You just lost your reciept.   so,  create one.   Your miles are accrued on your car.    Of course, we don't ever suggest fraud..  This is always for the proper use of, and accurate representation.


Retail Receipt

2)  Forgot to get the Receipt at the location - Retail Store Like Target Receipt Maker - This is only used for fun or props in a movie or something for your site.  This cannot be used for exchange of items..  Of course it will never work, as it won't match the stores database.   Again,  please do not use this as fraud.


ATM Receipt Maker

3)  Test your relationship with your girlfriend to see if she is legit - ATM Receipt Maker - I've used this as a prank, or gag.  I've known guys who've created this to fish out gold digger girls.   Just create a ATM reciept.  Leave it hanging out in your car,  or your house, and see if she notices it..   See if her viewpoint changes.   or her attitude.   You can also do this with your friends.


PayCheck Stub Maker

4)  Need to show Proof of Paycheck Stub - PayCheck Stub Generator - This is used by business owners,  especially small business,  or people working for themselves or on their own.    This is accurate taxes, and easy to give to employees.   We are working on a bigger site,  that we can manage the HR for your business.   It should be done by the end of 2017.


Doctor Note Maker

5)  Need to get out of work, but your boss treats you like a child - Doctor's note Maker - This is obviously a gag, or prank,  that you can do with your buddies.  this is NOT intended for Fraud.   To do that is illegal.    A good gag that would be used is to make one with your buddies name on it, for some kind of STD medication.   I'm sure your imagination can do wonders.



These are all made for fun.. and not intended for any type of fraud..  We do try and make them as accurate and true to life as possible.   Please use responsibly.

Proof of Income – Document Maker

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We have all been in the situation in life where we needed documents to prove something.   But, couldn't have access to them.  Either our employer was being difficult, or it was the weekend, or other reasons we didn't have access to our proof of income.

If you need to prove your income quickly, just use our generator to duplicate your income papers.

Use the following link to Create a Proof Of Income

Preview what your PayCheck Stub would look like if you made money

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We can print your companies paychecks and W-2's, but, you can preview a dream paycheck right here.   Just type in your information, and the desire amounts, and you can see what it feels like to have a big paycheck.

We will print it out for you, on realistic card stock and send it to you also, if you like.

Impress your friends and family, or use it as a gag.  But, come back to us if you need PayCheck Service

To see Your Fantasy PayCheck Stub with a lot of money, or copy and past the following link.

Editable Paychecks online

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Editable 1099’s

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Click to connect to your personalized and

Editable W-2’s

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We provide W-2  forms with your information that matches your paycheck.

Try our

How to Make your own paycheck stub free

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How to make a paycheck stub VideoRead How to make a Pay StubMake a PayCheck Stub NOW


Sometimes, you simply need to make your own paycheck stub for personal reasons.

Sometimes, you need a paycheck stub to impress your friends, or have a gag on a buddy.   Or, your boss is cheap, and you need to make free printable payroll stubs.  Whatever the reason, this article will show you how to make your own paycheck stub.

1) First off. You need to make a logo, for the company you want.

 2) Second. To create calculations, use a spreadsheet type program. Examples you could use are Excel, or Open Office Calc, or even online google spreadsheet.

On the left hand side column, you will have your ITEMS  column. Examples are your

  • hourly rate
  • how many hours
  • FICA tax
  • unemployment tax
  • withholding tax, etc

On the right hand side, you will have your totals and deductions column.

Add the numbers on the right side and get the total.

Most spreadsheets will allow you to designate a percentage or some kind of math functions for each cell.

Clean it up, with some formatting, and typical bold and underline stuff, and voila, you have a paycheck stub.

If you want to compare to an accurate and professional pay check stub Instantly, with all the accurate taxes, deductions, and processes.  Plus, one that is already done for you, you can try our PayCheck Stub Generator online, with NO downloads, click the highlighted text.


Have you ever wanted to make free printable payroll stubs.   We have a video series and a readable series with 5 detailed steps on how to make your own Free Printable Payroll stubs.

If you just want us to make your Free Printable payroll stubs... well..  we're going to have to charge a little bit for it.   We have a sweat shop, with thousands of little hands to feed, they painstakingly make your paystubs.. and we have to feed them somehow.

Instant Pay Check Stub

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If you are looking for a PayCheck Stub, for whatever reason, and you need it now, check out our PayCheck Stub generator.   There is no software to download, no personal information to give, and you can see what you will get before you buy it.   Just simply type in the information you want, and the PayCheck Stub Maker will generate you a professional looking paycheck stub.

It's Free to try, and to view what you will get, plus, it's instant.   Check it out, you have nothing to loose.

Get a date with a Novelty ATM Receipt.

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We all know how shallow girls are at the club.   The hotter they look, the more shallow they are.   They are playing games by pretending to be something they are not, fake hair, fake boobs, fake eyelashes, makeup, coverup, heels, etc...

What do guys have?  Nothing...   Until now.   I have something that may help you pick up one of these shallow girls, and beat them at their own game.

This won't work on any self respecting girl, so, it easily weeds out the bad ones.

When you give your number to a girl on the back of a napkin...   She get's so many of these, that it will probably just end up in the trash.   Maybe the cleaning lady or garbage man will call you.

Imagine giving your number on the back of a "recent" ATM receipt, that you just "happen" to have in your jacket or jeans.  If it has $345,742.92  In cash, you may get some more attention.  It will definitely separate you from all the other dudes that are hitting on her.

Check out our Instant ATM Receipt Maker here, you can print it out yourself, or, send us the details, and we will print out a few of them for you, on the actual WAX feeling paper you get from the ATM machine.

Lost Receipts

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lost receipts- paystub

The problem with lost receipts.

I am always losing receipts, or having them fade because I haven't put them away, and they sit on my desk, exposed to the sun.   For my accounting purposes, I must have lost thousands of receipts, and I don't even want to know how much money I have lost.

I am not advocating anything fake.   I just know that I wish I could have not lost some of these items that I have paid for.  Every now and then, we lose things,  like Lost receipts.   Lost Keys.  Lost cell phones.

We are working on all templates, Paystubs, Paychecks, bank statements, and everything in betwen.

Here are just some of the Receipt Makers Generators we have:

ATM Receipt Maker

Expense Reports – Lost Gas Receipt

Posted by on Dec 1, 2011 in Pay Check Stubs | Comments Off on Expense Reports – Lost Gas Receipt

I used to work as a repair guy for one of the major electronics store, primarily computer stuff.   Sometimes, the scheduled jobs were near my house, and it didn't make sense for me to get the company vehicle.   So, I used my own car, and the company would reimburse me for the mileage and Gas.   Well, my organization skills are not that great, and I would loose the gas receipts all the time.    I think I must have lost close to a $1000 dollars in gas alone.    I know I spent it, I obviously did the work, and showed up at the customers house, but, my boss would not reimburse me because I didn't have that little piece of paper that shows I spent $30 filling up my gas tank.

That's very frustrating, so, I created a gas receipt generator to help out with that.   This is not meant to be used to fraudulently claim something you didn't spend.  It's only to be used if you lost your original receipt, and you want a replacement for your personal book keeping.

Lost a Store Reciept?

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I loose receipts all the time, and I have a hard time keeping track of my purchases.    I wanted to create a Store Receipt Generator for my personal records.

I know I bought the item, it's sitting right there in front of me, with the price tag on it,  but, I don't have the receipt, I don't remember how much tax there was, nothing.  This is beneficial if you are meticulous about record keeping, and you want to keep all your receipts in the same place.     Instead of having a box of receipts, and a bunch of written down purchases on a piece of separate piece of paper.    I built this Store Receipt Generator to keep my records in line with my actual purchases.

If you want to try it, here is the link to the Lost Receipts .

Judge someone based on their Pay Check Stub

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Isn't it silly that some people judge you based on your paycheck? I think that is a terrible way to judge the character of someone, but, people still do it.

I have a good job, but not a great job.  I'm not a millionaire.  But, I saw my girlfriend had an account on a millionair matchmaker website.   Because she was looking to cash out.  How Shallow.   And look at all these shows about "hooking up" with someone rich.   It's garbage.

If you want to have some fun with these shallow people, just use our Pay Check Stub Generator to create a fun gag on them. Let them judge incorrectly. If they will be this shallow, than it serves them right. This is a legitimate Looking Pay Check Stub, with applicable taxes taken out. With the company name of your choice, and address.


Have fun with this one.

Fake Store Receipts

Posted by on Nov 10, 2011 in Pay Check Stubs | Comments Off on Fake Store Receipts

Have you lost your receipt for a product that you have bought?

Is it from a large chain like Home Depot?  Walmart?  Best Buy?  Costco?

We can create one for you.

These receipts are very authentic, so, if you use them for anything other than a novelty, we cannot be held liable.


ATM stubs

Posted by on Nov 10, 2011 in Pay Check Stubs | Comments Off on ATM stubs

Make someone think you have a lot of money in the bank with our ATM Receipts Stub Generator.

You can either print it out on your own, or, we can print it on actual ATM card stock paper, so, it looks and feels like the real thing.

Print it our for 4.99

or we will send you 10 receipts on real paper for 11.99

Plus, we will give you a >JPG image if you want to fax it to someone.


What we provide

Posted by on Nov 9, 2011 in Featured, Pay Check Stubs | Comments Off on What we provide

After you have a paycheck stub, you will almost always need a Proof Of Employment.   This is a third party that will vouch for you, saying that you indeed are employed, or left the company on good times.   We provide a separate company page, that the person you are trying to impress can go to, on their own time, to make sure you are legit.

1)  We take it a step further, and if you provide us with their email, we can send them an invite link to verify you.

2)  Our paychecks are actual paychecks from real companies, not just a standard run of the mill generic paycheck that is easily duplicated and faked.

3)  We give you the choice of what style you like, and allow you to choose your Pay Check stub real time

4)  If you choose, we can print them out in our office, and send them to you on Card-Stock or a Dot-Matrix printer, which is the old style that you see in big companies.

5)  We guarantee our work.


Landlords need proof of income or Paycheck Stub for Rental

Posted by on Nov 9, 2011 in Pay Check Stubs, Proof Of Employment | Comments Off on Landlords need proof of income or Paycheck Stub for Rental

The last time I rented an apartment, I was self employed. But I had money in the bank, and was about to get a regular job as well.  But, I had to wait 2 weeks until I get one.  The previous job was a joke, and I didn't have any PayCheck Stubs because I threw them away.  I had to stay with friends, and then a hotel because the friends stopped being friends, which got expensive. So, I decided to get an apartment, but, I quickly found out that all landlords need proof of income. This came as quite a shock to me actually.

This went on quite a while, as I fought it, and the dragging on got to be a problem with family, friends and relationships. I was working like a dog, doing everything right, but, everything was falling apart quickly. All because I needed to show a paycheck Stub. All landlords need proof of income, or pay via a pay stub, or a paycheck stub.  So, I got refused at three different places for rent, with a down payment, and money in hand.

This website will help you.  Especially if you are legitimately getting a job, and have the money to pay for your place.   I do not recommend you use this to forage anything.   It just helps for you to get through some non legal hoops.

Here is an example of a Pay Check Stub Maker

Advance Officialy Company Pay Check Stubs

Posted by on Nov 9, 2011 in Pay Check Stubs | Comments Off on Advance Officialy Company Pay Check Stubs

We provide DETAILED company Pay Check Stubs, with included complex deductions for all states.   Not to mention, on your Novely Pay Check Stub, We can Add Union Dues, and Contributions to a Retirement plan, and random charges for Utmost Authenticity.

We Pride ourselves in having the MOST ACCURATE and DETAILED Pay Check Stubs.   They are so real, you'll think you're getting paid.

We can even send you your Pay Check Stubs printed on a Dot-Matrix Printer

Just provide us with the details you want, like your name, How much you want show you got paid, the name of the company, which State it was in, and we will do the rest.

Create an online presence.

Posted by on Nov 9, 2011 in Pay Check Stubs | Comments Off on Create an online presence.

We can build you a company website, including your company name, an email address with a YOURNAME@YOURCOMPANY.COM, and even a title for yourself to help you look better on your resume.

for $499 you can be who you want to be.   With your own website, and paycheck to prove it.


Pay Check Stubs for you

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pay check stubs for you

We provide an easy way for you to give us the details of the job you want to show proof of Pay Check Stubs, and we'll take care of the rest.

Our Pay Checks are official paychecks with multiple templates from actual companies, with accurate state and federal taxes withheld.

All we need from you are:

  • name of the company you want on the Check Stub
  • the dates
  • how much you get paid
  • which State you're in

And we do the rest to generate official documents, for the dates that you like.

We can even print the pay check stubs on one of our many printers, and many types of paper.   Everything from Modern Day Laser Jet Printer, all the way to Official Pay Check Stubs from a dot-matrix printer which is very common in warehouse or old business type settings.

You'll think you're actually getting paid!

Do check our clients' testimonials and see how we have delivered an excellent and legit service to them. We're here to help you!


Proof of Employment.

Posted by on Nov 9, 2011 in Proof Of Employment | Comments Off on Proof of Employment.

If someone needs a proof of employment from a large corporation, or medium sized company.  They usually will log in to a third party website, that lists the company name, and then a field to enter the employees number.

The employment status will be shown, with minimal other information for security reasons.

We can provide that for you,   just Login, and you will get a link to the web page that you can forward to your employer, or, even better, Once you Log In With your Free Account on our website, you can submit your future employer or Landlords contact information, and we will  send them an "Invite Link"  to Verify you as an Employee in "good standing".

Login to our site, and use this powerful option to help with your Proof of Employment requirement on Loans or Future Jobs.


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PayCheck Stub Online

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