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Nevada Pay Stub

Example of No Taxes on Nevada Pay Stub

If you live in Nevada, you not only have Las Vegas,  and beautiful sunshine most of the year to enjoy,   You also have NO STATE TAXES.    Which means that our Nevada Pay Stub Maker is easier for us to code, and less complicated to understand.   I wish it were the same thing for Federal Taxes, and all that other business, but, at least the state itself doesn't add to the confusion.

If I'm not mistaken, the reason for No state Taxes  is because of the request of the state to have Gambling legal within the state, so the government doesn't give it some kind of Federal Assistance.    Ironically, it still takes money from your paycheck just fine.   But, apparently, Nevada couldn't care less, because it makes enough money off of the Casino's and that relevant income, that it doesn't complain.

That's a great example of Capitalism, that you can go at it alone if you have a good business plan, and a great product that everyone wants and comes back to year after year.    I wish other institutions, and states would feel the same way.    But, we don't live in a perfect world do we.

I wish I had more to explain in this article about Nevada Taxes,   but, I think it's now more relevant to discuss the other fees and taxes.     Not to mention your 401k,  or Union Dues, or compulsory deductions.    Those get complicated,  Especially if your using our Nevada Pay Stub Maker to create Consecutive Pay Stubs.    That is the part that usually confuses people,  getting the values right on that is surprisingly difficult.    I'm not saying it's impossible, but, it will take you a few hours to get that perfect.    Not to mention the pay stub format process.     It's an effort,   and we create your Pay Stubs for you, instantly, for a couple of bucks.

It's a money/time proposition.    If you make more money at your job, than it would cost you to create these pay stubs, then, it makes sense to let the pro's do it, while you're a pro at your job.      Kind of like me.   I can iron my own clothes,  but, it take me hours, and then, my back hurts,  meanwhile, I can just pay someone to do it, better and faster, without the hassle.      Same argument.



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