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Missouri pay stubs are a bit more involved than most other state pay stubs.   For some reason, Missouri has decided that it was important to have 10 tax brackets for their residents.     All of which are below the $9000 mark.    Yep, you are reading that right, all tax brackets in Missouri increment below 9k.   I guess the state leaders have decided that someone making 6000 a year, and someone making 7000 a year, need 2 separate tax brackets, and need to collect that extra .5%  on that 1000.


Basically that turns into $5.


I am not joking, let’s do the math together.   The following table has the tax brackets themselves


$0+ $0+ 1.50%
$1,000+ $1,000+ 2.00%
$2,000+ $2,000+ 2.50%
$3,000+ $3,000+ 3.00%
$4,000+ $4,000+ 3.50%
$5,000+ $5,000+ 4.00%
$6,000+ $6,000+ 4.50%
$7,000+ $7,000+ 5.00%
$8,000+ $8,000+ 5.50%
$9,000+ $9,000+ 6.00%



So,   let’s say you were making $6000 a year, selling Lemonade on the corner.  You’d be paying 4.5%  sales tax.   Which is $270.


6000 x .045 = 270



No, let’s say that the kid across the street is selling worms he found in his backyard, and is making $7000, he’d have to pay 5% tax.   Which is $350.


7000 x .050 = 350


Right?   Well, why did I say it was only $5 dollars difference?   What gives?


Well, the math I did here, is fundamentally correct, but, it’s not correct when applying to Tax Brackets,  such as the ones in Missouri


The way tax brackets work, is that they tax a portion of your income at one level, and then the next portion at a different level, and so on, up the ladder.


In our example above, the  Lemonade and Worm kids are taxed equally for their equivalent $6000,   but, the Worm kid has to pay 5%  tax on the next 1000, that the Lemonade kid didn’t earn.

1000 x 5%  = $50


That’s still not $5….    Though..


Well, yes, that true, but, I’m assuming that Missouri wouldn’t have had to make so  many tax brackets, and would just keep everyone under a certain amount, say, $15,000 as one tax bracet..   Let’s call it 4.5%  for simplicity,   since, the lemonade and Worm kids were taxed at that level in my example.


If that were the case, a kid making 7000 in my New-Missouri taxes would be taxed at 4.5%   which would be $315,   Whereas the Current-Missouri taxes would tax that last 1000, at a .005% extra, which is $5.


Makes  you think, how can it be worth it to even have these kinds of brackets?   First off, how many people actually make between 0.00  and $9000 a year, I can’t see It being that many, since even minimum wage guarantees you $15,000.


And then, what’s the point of squeezing out $5 from a small minority of people.


Is it greed, silliness, or just beurocracy.  Missouri pay stubs are complex, so, use our Missouri pay stub maker, on this page, or go to our main page to try any other state in the union, to make a paystub of your own.


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