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We frequently get asked on how to get proof of income from our customers. Also, why we need it and what in fact is it?

Proof Of Income

How to show Proof of Income

You would think, that as long as you have money, who cares where it came from (unless you stole it). The best proof of income, is having money. But, the banking world, or financial world does not accept that. Primarily to week out criminal activity, which is understandable. So, you may ask, How to get proof of income?

Let’s go through the options:

  1. Your job, if it’s a intermediate of big company, they will provide you with a paystub along with your paycheck or your direct deposit. It’s usually available online. or in the mail. But, it shows your income, your taxes, deductions etc.
  2. Your Bank Statement, If you can show a direct depost, every 2 weeks, or payperiod, from the same company, or account, for a “while” like 3 months, or some time frame, then you can prove a constant source of income, or PROOF OF INCOME
  3. Business Owner, you can buy yourself accounting software, and setup your business, and then “pay yourself” from the business income. and show your income as a “business expense”. Thereby, creating paystubs, and a portfolio for your business.

But, now, what if you don’t own expensive Software, and you don’t Work for a big company, and you don’t deposit all your money, preferring to pay cash for rent or car payments.. People still pay cash for a lot of things..

What if you are a bartender, or an entertainer, or you do construction at a daily rate. or you business simply takes cash. Then what do you do? Why be busy being an accountant, when you should be making money?

You can use our product to create a Proof of Income. We have many templates for you to choose your direct style, and we also show you how to make a Proof Of Income FREE. If you want to do the work. But, if you just want to do it quick, you can have us do it.

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PayCheck Stub Online

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