Keeping your Payroll Organized – Small Business, Check Stubs, Tips

It’s a great idea if you’ve got your small business up and running. Most SME owners expect to hire and work with employees at some point in their career. While the thought of people working with you might be overwhelming at first, it’s no different from the time you were an employee! All it takes is a set of organizational skills and helpful tools which can help you along your journey, regardless of what industry you’re in.

female small business owner - she and all SME's can benefit from pay stubs
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Keeping a list of to do’s

This is always handy. Certainly you can include your tasks for the online pay stub in here along with other remittances you may need to hand over. If you have to delegate then put some people’s names in Sticky Notes or Google sheets to make sure you remember to hand these in systematically. 

In payroll for example, you need to know the nuances which include their gross and net pay and the remittances, for which a check stub maker can help you with:

Master list of all your workers

It’s good if you have a master list of all your workers. You completely have a handle on your workers as you create you’re the printable template for them but at the same time, they’re easier to keep track of and paste onto the check stub maker template. Also, the more you do this, the more you get the hang of your workers whereabouts, work hours and their daily routine.

Engage with your workers

Sure sometimes they might just be names on a paystub template, but if you own a small business, it’s essential to check in with everyone. This way they won’t be people whose names you see on a watermarked paystub, instead they’ll be active assets to your work and you’ll be able to encourage them because you are hands on.

Stick with a regular schedule

If you come up with a regular schedule for encoding these pay stubs, then you come up with a systematic way of transacting and you don’t have to worry about backlogs piling up on top of the other. Again, it’s good to delegate if you can’t execute these tasks on your own. But using an online customizable pay check stub generator is valuable because you stay ahead of your tasks.

Face to Face calls

It’s important to keep in touch with your workers. If they have questions about the workflow in general, not necessarily those about their income and deductions, then you can address those head on. Of course, if you check with them on a regular basis especially now with work from home orders, then it will be as though you were managing them in house.

Online collaboration

You can use tools like Skype, Slack, Zoom or Trello to work with your employees especially if you’re with projects set on a given timeline. This helps you interact with them on a real time basis without necessarily using Zoom calls and such and again, increasing your presence with them also boosts their morale. You provide them instructions and encouragement while allowing yourself to be at the front end of your operations.

At some point, you may need to delegate to someone who creates the paystubs for you. But with a small number of employees, there’s no reason you cannot avail a free paystub generator and start making compensation and benefits as an organic part of your day to day routines.

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