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Get a pay stub while you some some MJ.    And I'm not talking about the cute little guy in the white socks, singing about his ABC's.    Colorado Pay Stub Generator is a very powerful, and sophisticated app, that will generate any Pay Stub you need.   Just how you need, it.   It will do it quickly, accurately, and authentically.   This is the real place to get a Colorado Pay stub.

Colorado state taxes are actually quite simple.   Which, in our view, if you're going to charge a tax, might as well make it equal to all.  Unlike some of the other Draconian states, where you pay more taxes the more you make.   based on percentage.  That's just crazy to me.

in 2014, it's real simple in Colorado, it's 4.63.      So, no matter how much you make, 4.63 goes to government.    Which still sucks,  seeing as your going to be charged tax when  you buy something too.   But, it is what it is.

Our Colorado Pay Stub maker will calculate this for you, including Federal Tax and Withholdings, as well as consecutive stubs, over a period of time.   They can vary in pay periods as well.   Also, you can show a raise in the middle as well if you like.

Colorado Pay Stub

Have fun while getting a pay stub.

All done with our easy to use software, always updated, and current taxes.

Pretty soon. we'll have the ability to add a Logo as well.

Currently, you can change the layout, we have multiple Templates. And many options to change, like 401k, or notes on the pay stubs. It is the most authentic pay stun on the net. Bar none. for the best price.

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