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Arkansas in the great south, has 7 separate tax brackets.   Why so many?   vs  some of the other states?   or why have it at all?   as compared to Texas and Alaska?   Well, primarily because Arkansas Paychecks need to fill the bill, that natural resources like oil can't fill.    Just sayin.

So, Arkansas has decided to get taxes out of you from your Arkansas Paycheck.   It starts with only 1%  for the low money makers, topping up at 7%  for anyone making over 32k.     Which seems like they want to tax pretty much anyone with a decent job at 7%   and nickle and dime everyone along the way..    I mean, what's the point of having all those steps for people makine zero to 37k

Here is a simple breakdown, for a single person.

$0+ 1.00%
$3,900+ 2.50%
$7,800+ 3.50%
$11,700+ 4.50%
$19,600+ 6.00%
$32,600+ 7.00%

If you are filing as a couple, then, you get the same thing.   Thanks Arkansas.   you'd think with all the Butt kissing you do to washington, you'd get the all the federal funds you'd need.    But, no, your Arkansas Paycheck Pay stub will be docked as much as possible, every step of the way up.

Come to think of it, looking at those numbers, they tax higher than a lot of the states for the high end earners..   Some states have one tax bracket for everyone below 30k.


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