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Vermont, a great place for skiing and enjoying natures beauty.   It's almost Canada is so nice up there.   But, good luck getting a paycheck.   That's why we are here to help you explain the numbers on a Vermont Pay Stub.     It's ironic that the northeast, which used to be called New England has such high taxes.   This is really near Boston, in fact, it's bordering Massachusets.   Where the Boston Tea party was held.     Most americans are terrible at history, but, let me remind you, it was where Americans defied the British, due to high Taxes.    I think the slogan was no taxation without representation.   Basically, they don't like to be taxed, and here they go, creating some of the highest taxes in the state.     Funny, how Texas has no taxes, and people in the northeast make fun of it, while they themselves have high and complex taxes.    Hypocracy at it's best.

Either way.   let's get into the taxes, and see what I'm talking about,   The following is a table with Vermont Pay Stub taxes.

Tax Bracket (Single) Marginal Tax Rate
$0+ 3.55%
$36,250+ 6.80%
$87,850+ 7.80%
$183,250+ 8.80%
$398,350+ 8.95%

As you can see, anyone making more than a basic wage, is taxed at 6.8%    Remember, that is just taxes based on what you earn, and only from the state, not to mention the federal government.    Oh, and don't forget about sales tax, when you actually buy something from what's left over.  Ultimately, after you account for everything, you get to keep about 45 cents of every dollar you earn in Vermont.    It is incredibly bad in this respect.

The above table is only for single people, but the married table is almost as bad, if you want to see that, it is here below:

Tax Bracket (Couple) Marginal Tax Rate
$0+ 3.55%
$60,550+ 6.80%
$146,400+ 7.80%
$223,050+ 8.80%
$398,350+ 8.95%

As you can see, Vermont wants to punish you if you are married as well.     Normally, since there are 2 income earners, you'd think that the numbers would be double, and it almost appears that they are, that's by looking at the first step.  But, the second and 3rd step show quite  a difference.   They are very close to their SINGLE people Tax Deductions.     and the last, is exactly the same.   Basically Vermont has learned nothing from it's past, and is repeating the problems that caused the founding fathers to rebel against their British counterparts.

This makes a big mess on your paystub, creating a complex system, which we can help you figure out.   You can view our Vermont Pay Stub maker here on this page, or our general pay stub maker on our home page.

We also provide the ability to verify who you are, or proof of Income maker.     We do all the calculations for you, and you can Preview it free before you buy.

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