YTD not working on paystub

The YTD issue is a common, it's something I may need to redesign.. and am willing to hear your suggestions on how to make it more user friendly.  I've changed it a few times,  but, there is still some confusion.

but, here is how you should do it until i do that.  🙂

Reset the browser, start fresh, click on the link I sent you

don't worry about all the other stuff.. just put in your STATE, you EMAIL  and the three dates

These MUST be put IN ORDER... ok?

1)  Jan 1,  2013..  or something like that way back when you got hired
2)  Last friday  (or something like when you got paid last
3)  the following saturday or a few days after to get the check printed

Then, you should see "# of pay periods"   filled in automatically

Depending on how often you get paid, it should be like 30, or 15, or 6

Make sense?

PayCheck Stub Online

PayCheck Stub Online

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