Who would I make a paystub for?


Who needs paystubs

Making paystubs is what we do. We've been doing it for years, and we've been doing it great. But, we still get asked, who would need these paystub? is this a Scam? Are these fake? Who would I make a paystub for?

Well, first of all, let's get some things straight. Our Paystubs are NOT fake. They are very real, they are accurate, and the calculations are all correct. That is why they are authentic paystubs, and not fake paystubs.

Secondly, no, this is NOT a scam. We stand behind the product, and we deliver instantly after purchase.

So, now, the question is who would I make a paystub for? Well, that's easy.

Anyone who needs to prove employment and income, that's who. The people that work for a company or corporation that has an accounting department, this is not an issue, The pay stub will come with your paycheck. But, what about employees that work directly for a an employer, and they are the only employee. For Example:

paystubs for Garnders
paystubs for Maids
Paystubs for Nanny's
paystubs for dog walkers
paystubs Tree trimmers
paystubs for Laborers or handymen
paystubs for musicians

Basically, anytime one person does a job for another person, and they do this for a full time job, they need a paystub. Someone woulds say that these people should start a business, and pay themselves. Well, this costs time and money. Especially if this is part time work. It is another example of lawyers and government getting in your way to getting something done. If you want to walk a dog, or watch someones kids, or cut someone's trees, it would be cost prohibitive to setup a mini accounting department, and provide self paystubs.

Instead, we can provide a paystub, that is automatically created and calculated for less than a few dollars a piece when you buy more than one.

We want you to be successful in your endeavors, and we try to help. Not to mention, we do also have a 5 part how to make paystubs if you want to do your own calculations. We also sell the papers to print them on, which are specifically designed to match our stubs, if you use those papers, and our service, they match up perfectly.

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