Verify paycheck is correct online

Do not think that your employer is doing everything correct. The person they hire can make mistakes in your paycheck and cost you a lot of money. It is not simply multiplying your hours and your pay rate. There is also the deductions from your paycheck that sometimes are more than they should be. Just follow the link at the bottom of the screen, select your state, and fill in your information to verify your paycheck is the correct amount.

If there is an error, and you analyzed it correctly, click on the printout and bring it to your employer. Tell them that it is their error, and they have to repay you your time and your money with interest. Please contact us, and we can give you a report and a bill you can submit to them.

Click here to verify your paycheck is correct.

Some employers don’t find it as important as we do, and it shows.   We have saved other users hundreds of dollars.  And,  some added payments due to loss of interest.   These calculations are very detailed and tedious.  submit your request to verify it’s all correct.