Thoughts about Making W2’s

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The hard reality of making W2's.

My ex gf was a dancer, who had a hard time making W2's that reflected what she made.  Declaring everything was actually difficult.   Even the time she decided she wanted to buy a house, and get a car..  "going straight"  she used to call it.   Oh, if you're reading this Alex, I want my PS3 back.

I had the thought that we needed a system she could use to make her own, via monthly installments. But, I got into some trouble with the authorities, who were informed by my bank. The bank also shut down my bank statement.

So, the w2 was a calculation, in the past, but not now. But, I'm thinking of making a true Payroll system.   For self employed people, and free lancers

But remember, the w2 normally is done by an accountant in the company. The total is a summary of what you actually earned, that is a hard number, but the taxes paid is semi-hard. Yes, it’s the taxes that you paid via the company, but, not a fully accurate of what you owe..  sometimes it’s less and sometime more, that’s why we do taxes

So, you can be a list off on that, and no one is going got check, especially if your income changes month to month, no one can predict in July, what you’re going to make in November.

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PayCheck Stub Online

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