Who needs Proof of Income or Employment

Are you one of those who needs proof of income or employment in dealing with a bank or a landlord maybe? But the problem is, you are self-employed. Ergo, no proof of income or employment.

Paystubs are meant for employees, not Business owners.   Especially if you are self-employed.  What person in their right mind is going to send themselves a Paycheck paystub when they already have the money.  It seems silly and time wasting.

I had the same problem when I was developing websites. I worked from home and met with clients at Starbucks.   When I completed something, they gave me a check, and I cashed it, and then spent it. No paystub. No paycheck. But, I did need proof of income. So, that’s why I developed this software.   It’s online, it’s instantaneous, You can download a free preview, you can choose from many templates, it’s clean and correct, and I can help.

I am constantly adding templates, auto calculation, and easier to use. I love feedback about my Paystub generator because I want it to constantly be the latest and greatest technology.   This is a hobby for me, but, I do use it for myself too.    I add up what I made, but it in the Paystub generator and print it out.   It helps me keep a constant record.

Hopefully, you will use it, enjoy it, and tell me how to make it better.