Landlords need proof of income or Paycheck Stub for Rental

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The last time I rented an apartment, I was self employed. But I had money in the bank, and was about to get a regular job as well.  But, I had to wait 2 weeks until I get one.  The previous job was a joke, and I didn't have any PayCheck Stubs because I threw them away.  I had to stay with friends, and then a hotel because the friends stopped being friends, which got expensive. So, I decided to get an apartment, but, I quickly found out that all landlords need proof of income. This came as quite a shock to me actually.

This went on quite a while, as I fought it, and the dragging on got to be a problem with family, friends and relationships. I was working like a dog, doing everything right, but, everything was falling apart quickly. All because I needed to show a paycheck Stub. All landlords need proof of income, or pay via a pay stub, or a paycheck stub.  So, I got refused at three different places for rent, with a down payment, and money in hand.

This website will help you.  Especially if you are legitimately getting a job, and have the money to pay for your place.   I do not recommend you use this to forage anything.   It just helps for you to get through some non legal hoops.

Here is an example of a Pay Check Stub Maker

PayCheck Stub Online .com

PayCheck Stub Online .com

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