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Illinois Pay Stubs or Paycheck stubs are quite simple actually. For such a corrupt state, I'm not sure why they make it so simple. In fact, most of the taxes, Federal and State, should be so simple. Just a simple flat tax, that we all can live with. Taxes on our pay stub is a fact of life. Don't even get me started on my rant about how unfair it is to tax people that are working, and reward people that are not via welfare. You can read my taxes article about that here. But, I digress... Back to Illinois pay stub Generator.

As you may have figured, there is a lot to making a paystub. Especially if you need to make consecutive ones. That is not easy. Even in Illinios, with it's flat 5% tax. Primarily, because you have to calculate your Federal Taxes and Medicare, SS, and the rest of them. Not to mention, if you work in Illinois, and want a realistic pay stub, you may have to change your hours of work. Not everybody works exactly 40 hrs in a week. Sometimes, you have overtime, sometimes you work less than 40 hours. And that has to be calculated cumulatively. There are all things that you need to figure in when you create your stubs.

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