McCuthchen’s Forgot Paystub to impress friends

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McCuthchen’s Forgot Paystub to impress friends
forgot paystub to impress friends

McCutchens's "forgot" his PayStub in a bar

The best way to impress friends and babes

Andrew McCutchen's PayStub was found left at a bar. I guess people forget things, like I do, my keys, my cell phone. sometimes even my wallet. But, I've NEVER forgotten my PayStub. Ever. And I forget a lot of stuff. If My paystub was $800,000 I would for sure NOT forget it. Or loose it. OMG, that is insane. Right?

No, I doubt it's insane. I think it's very calculated. I think McCuthchen's Forgot Paystub to impress friends or was doing it to show off, to some waitress, or someone at that bar, to show how much money he makes. As if we don't know that sports stars who don't know anything other than Throw or Catch a ball, make insane amounts of money. While the rest of us have to do real work.

Well... this got me thinking.. Why be a hater right? Why not join them. You can also make a paystub that shows that you make a lot of money, and leave it at a bar. Hell, you can make a Novelty Paystub as a gag, Or have fun with your friends and make a novelty payslip with your buddies name on it, with a real low number.

But, the best part, we've got a ATM slip maker, that will knock your socks off. It's the first of it's kind on the Internet, a true Novelty ATM receipt maker, You can choose a random bank, or just input a Logo of your own, by finding one online, and putting it in there yourself, to make it look great. We have the most authentic products available. See for yourself.

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PayCheck Stub Online

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