Federal Tax Witholdings from your paycheck explained

There are 3 main withholdings that pertain to the federal government only. There are others, but, we are only describing the three main ones that every paycheck will have.

  1. Social Security = 6.2% of the first $110,100 in 2012
  2. Medicare = 1.45% of the total
  3. Federal tax = Refer to tables below (single, or dual)
Income Pay + % of Amount Over
< $2,100 $0 0% $0.00
< $10,600 $0.00 10% $2,100
< $36,600 $850.00 15% $10,600
< $85,700 $4,750.00 25% $36,600
< $176,500 $17,025.00 28% $79,725
$381,250 $110,016.50 35% $381,250

If you are filing as a married couple, or not the head of household, it would be different. The details are actually quite complex for Tax withholdings. That is why we have created the Paycheck stub generator or the paystub generator.

It does two things. One, is it calculates the federal withholding amount, and then it calculates the state withholding amount. then, it adds anything else you want, like Union dues, or 401k, or Medical insurance.

And fortunately, it figures out the numbers for you instantly. So your paycheck stub will reflect a correct amount.

Follow the links on our site for the type of paycheck you want, and follow the prompts. Preview it for free, and then buy a copy if you like