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FAQ – How to make consecutive pay stubs:

The way to consecutive checks like you want is this.

  1. Fill in all the info – be sure to do these
    • Your STATE in the dropdown
    • Your EMAIL – so it downloads to where you want it to
    • 3 DATE fields — very very very important – DO IN ORDER
    • HIRE date – Jan 1, 2013
    • PAY date – When your pay period is over (last Friday let’s say)
    • PRINT date – Doesn’t matter – (saturday or following monday after Pay date)
  2. Select a GREEN tab for the style you like – Corp – Neat – Tstub etc
  3. Click the BLUE button that says “email/download
  4. Now.. you have your latest pay stub – but – you want the one prior and the one prior to that as well…

  5. Click on the GREEN INFO tab
  6. Your data should all still be there – right? don’t change anything except the 2nd and 3rd date boxes – NOT THE1st
  7. Only change the PAY date back to the payperiod before (let’s say you get paid weekly, so, it would be the previous Friday)
  8. Now change the Print date a few days after THAT
  9. Go to the same GREEN tab as before – and click EMAIL / DOWNLOAD

Repeat this as many times as you like.

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