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Connecticut Paystub Paycheck Generator

Connecticut Paystub maker - Paycheck paystub Generator

Connecticut Paystub's are based on 2 types of filers, Couples and Singles.   Singles of course being higher.   You'd think that Couples would not be punished by taxes for being together, since couples are a good thing for society, but, that is the state of Connecticut for you.  That being besides the point.     We are here to explain Connecticut Taxes, and that is why we made the Connecticut paystub Maker to do it for you.   This description is verbal to help you understand it better.

So, besides the two types, there are 3 categories, above zero, above $100,000 and above $500,000.   Which says a lot if you think about  it.  Some states don't tax (punish)  people that make below a certain small amount, say, below $5,000.    Which makes sense, because you eliminate old people with small part time jobs, and children selling lemonade.   but no, not in connecticut.  These lawmakers have decided to take every damn penny from anyone wanting to do work.   So, if your kid decides to go into the lemonad business, he will have to pay the state 3%  for the privaladge of selling lemonade in Connecticut.    If your Grandma wants to make a quilt a year, and sell it on ebay as a hobby..  well.. she will have to support the fat cats in CT.

Secondly..  There is a tax bracket above $500,000..   Which surprises me..  I guess there is some rich people there.   Some states keep their highest number quite low.   But, $500k....  wow.. that is high  and THEN..  for couples it's 1,000,000$    I can't imagine actually earning 1,000,000.    Now... I know people make that kind of money, in business, etc.... but..  not a lot of people..   In Connecticut, apparently there is enough people where they have to actually make a tax bracket for them..

Either way, this used to confuse and baffle me into being stunned and bored for hours..  it's another reason why made the connecticut paystub maker.   It will figure out the taxes, weather you are single or in a couple, and take away the proper amount for the state, and of course the federal government.    Some states take out different amounts on some of your deductions.   Our paystub generator will figure that out individually for each state.   Including Connecticut.

We can't lower the taxes, but, we can help you figure them out.

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