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How to make PayCheck Stub

Posted by on Aug 3, 2015 in How to Make a Pay Stub, Pay Check Stubs, Showing wealth series | Comments Off on How to make PayCheck Stub

Our system is very simple. You enter the information about your employees – name, address, and information about your company. Then, you put in your monthly wages, or hourly wages, whatever you like, and then some deductions if you want. If not, then we calculate the deductions from your paycheck stub automatically and show you the preview file, that you can download and view. In fact, We just created a new page to show you how to make a paycheck stub free. The preview is free, and download is free,  and if you like it, you can buy...

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Protecting yourself and keeping a pay stub

Posted by on Feb 5, 2014 in Pay Check Stubs, Paycheck Taxes Explained, Showing wealth series | Comments Off on Protecting yourself and keeping a pay stub

Learn about BillGuard. It take control of your spending habits. It is a personal finance platform that lets users track everything from where they eat out the most to what spending habits are costing them the most money. Even discover so-called “gray charges,” including forgotten subscription charges and hidden fees. With the recent addition of two new features – Spending Analytics and Smart Savings – BillGuard is ready to help customers be more proactive in how they spend their money. The analytics feature allows users to track their spending over several months. Organizing each expense...

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Renting or Buying a Home with a 1099

Posted by on Jun 12, 2012 in Showing wealth series | Comments Off on Renting or Buying a Home with a 1099

This is probably the biggest issue for people that are freelancers, or work with 1099's.   They are Buying a Home with a 1099, which usually sends mortgage companies into a mild panic. Most people are payed with a paycheck stub from their employer, who takes out the taxes accordingly, and then pays the employee.    Normal employees are not allowed many deductions except their house and a few other items. But, if you're self employed, you have a plethora of other deductions which you want to take.  And you should if you are legal to do that.   The only problem is that when it comes time to...

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