Landlords need proof of income or Paycheck Stub for Rental

The last time I rented an apartment, I was self employed, but, and I had money in the bank, and was about to get a regular job as well.  But, I had to wait 2 weeks until I got one.  The previous job was a joke, and I didn't have any PayCheck Stubs, because I threw them away.  I had to stay with friends, and then a hotel because the friends stopped being friends, which got expensive. So, I decided to get an apartment, but, I quickly found out that all landlords need proof of income. This came as quite a shock to me actually.

This went on quite a while, as I fought it, and the dragging on got to be a problem with family, friends and relationships. I was working like a dog, doing everything right, but, everything was falling apart quickly. All because I needed to show a paycheck Stub. All landlords need proof of income, or pay via a pay stub, or a paycheck stub.  So, I got refused at three different places for rent, with a down payment, and money in hand.

This website will help you.  Especially if you are legitimately getting a job, and have the money to pay for your place.   I do not recommend you use this to forage anything.   It just helps for you to get through some non legal hoops.

Here is an example of a Pay Check Stub Maker


  1. I’m wondering if this will solve my landlord issues. Can I ask you some specific questions about your service?

    • You can attempt to make this imcone verifiable by providing check stubs, bank deposits, or perhaps a letter from the artist that you work for if the management company will allow a letter from this source. Each apartment is different in what qualifies as verifiable , but start with these. If all else fails, you can attempt to show back tax returns (the last two years) if those prove more imcone than just your payroll job. Good Luck!


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